The Official Post Your Gun Thread!!!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Switch, Apr 8, 2006.

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  1. From Urban Dictionary:
    Definition 7:
    \"N: The male arm, usually bicep, usually large

    That guy has the biggest guns I have ever seen!\"

    Please also check out THIS LINK.

    Here\'s mine... MACHO!!
  2. wow your bicep is a lot bigger than your shoulder. and you have zero triceps from what it looks like in that pic. you might wanna try evening out your workouts to full body.
  3. heh- it\'s perspective I\'m holding the camera over the bicep and to the end of my arm for max humour value- my biceps are actually quite small- I spend more time on my triceps, deltoids and pecs. You\'re half right, though. I\'m actually doing pullups (wide grip) to help lats and biceps at the moment. Can still only do 5 though... I remember when I was 17... was so much better in terms of physical fitness than I am now... DAMN YOU, UNIVERSITY YEARS... oh well... Back on the up I hope...
  4. Havent worked out since my surgery on my left elbow... hopefully soon i will be able to start liftin again - last summer my bench was 250, since my surgery its like 165 or so.

    They aint the biggest, but my girl likes em
  5. ya\'ll aint got shit on my man beet!


    and what i lack in muscle deffinition i make up for with tattoos...


  6. so that say the least, lol wot inspired u to get that tattoo, or is that not rly ures?
  7. nothing really, i just like tattoos. i\'m finishing that arm soon, and of course i\'ll post pics :)
  8. haha, my biceps are so small i wouldnt dare post a picture of them. Imagine a skeleton in a black t-shirt.. thats me.

    I need to lift more, lol.
  9. i knew this thread wouldnt get love.

    either people are turned off by the \"gun\" part in the title.... or they click it and are like \"awe... i aint got none\"

    pot heads usually dont like to lift weights - - i only know about 5 people who do
  10. When i get a camera ill post my \"gun\" haha, boxing helps me :D
  11. Huh-yeah I was really just making a casual joke about the banning of gun threads. I don\'t actually have a stance on the whole guns thing other than posting about your latest gun is a but puerile: I kinda grew out of the old macho army man thing a while ago (I.e. as a child of 9 years)... but whatever. I just wanted to see if I could make people laugh- hence the rediculous shot of my seemingly oversized bicep- REALLY just perspecitve. But yeah I thought we\'d at least get a few people coming on and posting pictures of skinny arms with grimacing faces.

    I dunno I just wanted to poke fun at the OVERLY macho people in the world. In an all-fun-and-games way... kinda...
  12. yo beet is funny az hell dude. LOL! I have never seen that bfore, and that made me laugh. HAHA> JOE>
  13. gun threads were banned here? heh, guess i dont pay that much attention.

    oh well

    Ey... did he ((beet)) just die a while back? or was that someone else who went on Howard?
  14. I thought i was going to see a bunch of \"guns\" as in shooting/weapons :)
  15. i looove working out high dude...
  16. Here\'s an upper body pic. I could use some more oil, though.


    jk :eek: :(
  17. no digi, but i benched 335 two months ago, to give you a general idea. they aren\'t super ripped but have some girth to them

    i guess think of big show (yeah WWE raw or w/e) roomate watches that and i guess that is the general arm type i have
  18. damn nate, 335 is a fuck load of weight, but i havent worked out since freshman year, and i was benching 240 reps. Im pretty weak when it comes down to working out lol i just, cant get motivated to do it lol. SO NO gun shot lol
  19. i am more proud of my leg power...i gots me some tree trunks to pound that weight out
  20. ha i hear ya. im up to 1200 on leg press. niiiiiice. my upper body is alright.
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