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The Official Piece Cleaning Guide

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by Floydian, May 27, 2008.

  1. bad is relative, but it will get banged around, and if it's close to anything else it may get chipped, cracked, or broken.

    and if it's anything like my dishwasher, it will still be dirty :mad:
  2. well I won't do that again
  3. 35 years of smoking has shown me that the strongest alcohol you can find and salt is all you need.

    You should never put anything in your piece that you wouldn't put in ypur mouth.

    No chemical cleaners, soap, even bong cleaners have chemicals in them.

    All that stuff cost more, takes more time, and is dangerous. Why risk it!
  4. I blow glass! Trust me ISO and salt will never hurt the glass.
    There might be some white residue if you don't rinse well.

    She was just trying to sell you some cleaner!
  5. Bump!
    +1....Good nugs of info. :smoke:
  6. There's a lot of people advising to scrape the resin out with paperclips. While this might be efficient, from experience glass and metal do NOT mix. Use the paperclip method carefully if you do. If you don't want to save the resin just buy yourself some pipecleaners, they're super cheap.

    I personally don't let metal hit my pieces (I want to strangle people when I see them bashing their bowl with a lighter). It might not break but it can crack and damage over time.

    Now that I think about it, my buddy had a killer method of getting all the resin out of pipes with a trash bag tie. Not sure how he did it but I'm sure it's not too tough.
  7. Sir... it is tar, and it is also resin.

    Implying that it's just tar would imply that you would catch no buzz from it.

    If you don't know/have forgotten, the entire purpose of THC in a plant is to be sticky.

    Which it is.... especially to the inside of pipes.

    Resin = poor mans hash. Well, one type of poor mans hash... the other type you need a field to get......
  8. Why thankyou, didn't already write a guide for people who can't just run to the headshop and get some overly priced product.

    Nope, not at all.
  9. its not THAT expensive, actually and its very efficient...
    there are already so many ways to clean pipes on this thread that are d.i.y. and a big long process i thought why not offer a solution that is quick, although a bit more pricey. some people have more money than time to spare.
    how heavy is that chip on your shoulder? you should let it go, its gotta be breaking your back.
  10. I use the all natural stuff called grunge out that i got at the head shop man.:)
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    Well for one, if GC sold the stuff, I wouldn't have a guide up here. It'd just say; BUY THIS.

    For two, I know there are many ways, and I had this thread left open for people with questions.

    Did I come off like a dick? Yes.

    Do we need a picture of something that everyone knows works?

    Probably not ;)
  12. i have that stuff too, paid 14 bucks for 16.9 fl oz bottle at my local headshop. THIS IS THE BEST STUFF EVER!!!!!!!!!

    And it's actually called "Grunge Off"

    It's worth the money. And it's reusable. Best investment, EVER!!! Whatever you do, DO NOT Use any sort of plastic to put your piece in, this stuff WILL eat through it. Glass or metal ONLY.



  13. Sucks, the particles in the solution scratches the glass, Save your money, Not worth it.
  14. This worked amazingly!! I just cleaned my pipe using this method. I had bought it from a friend and it was used to the point where it was really dirty. I used this method and it was sparkling clean. Amazing!! Thanks for the info!!
  15. A couple of scoops of Oxy Clean, and hot water in a plastic cup. An hour or 2, or as long as you want. Anything that doesn't come out after running hot water through them, wipes right off with a q-tip. Glass pipes are sparkling clean! I'm guessing a glass bong filled up with it would work too.
  16. Would ISOPROPYL RUBBING ALCOHOL (70%) clean my spoon?
  17. The only thing needed to clean up your dirty pieces and big glassware is some 420 abrasive pipe cleaner! It is the Fastest and easy to use tmk! ENJOY :wave:
  18. Yes.

    Did ya actually READ the guide? Lol
  19. Formula 420 gets my vote. Throw all the glass bats in a plastic bag shake, soak, rinse and done. Free time is more valuable than the few bucks I would save. Get about 6 uses out of a bottle so works out to a little over $2/month.

    That said if I had to clean a 3 footer daily, I would probably look for a cheaper option. Then again I probably would not have a job either if I was using it that much. ;)


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