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The Official Piece Cleaning Guide

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by Floydian, May 27, 2008.

  1. i never use iso. you get much better results using denatured alcohol and you get them much faster with less effort.
  2. I was told to try vineagar and salt, no specific measurements, just put it in a baggie, ziplock it all up and shake it, works ok, i don't really care if it gets all coated with resin as long as the smoke comes through when I'm hittin it.
  3. Well if this is the officical glass city piece cleaning guide then should prc bongs be adressed in it.

    i have tripple perc phx at 3' tall and no matter what i do massive amounts of rubbing alcohol or hot water, salt, bong cleaner and none of it would work. i even went so fr as to try industrial engine cleabner and paint thinner... none of it worked

    what works for cleaning massive bongs with perculators that are awesome until it comes to cleaning time

    go to your local auto zone and buy some bug and sap remover for a car lol this shit does wonders:smoking:
  4. little cheap secret. i use this shit called "LA's awesome oxygenated orange" you getit at the dollar store, its a 32oz bottle and you litterally watch the resin run off the side. for those stubbor stains, cork and soak over night, and your tube will be crystal in the morning! its the same premise as Grunge Off but not thick or expensive. a dollar goes along way with this stuff! works so well i bought a case from the distributer. came to $16.89 usd for 24 bottles, not half bad for a couple gallons! happy toking and firm grips for you shakers...
  5. Im not really a new stoner because ive been toking for a year and a half
    but i just about a month ago got my first two pieces
    and nobody told me not to clean a color changing glass pieces
    so im warning you all,
    one of my pieces was about a 4 inch bad ass color changer
    and now the color is somewhat dull
    and the other one was a baby pipe
    that has several colors
    but the clear parts turned sky blue
    which is now about half gone
    looks kinda shitty
    but i havent smoked out of em yet so ill see what happens
  6. The color only changes based on the amount of resin buildup.

    If you clean it, it will revert to what it looked like before it was ever smoked. It will not effect the actual ability of the pipe to change color. Whatever it looks like once cleaned, is what it looked like brand new. Once you start smoking out of it again, you'll be perfectly satisfied...
  7. ?and using all these products are bad for when you smoke after?
  8. yes, but whatever chemical you use to clean you must always wash your pipe out after with some dawn or any other detergent very thoroughly, then rinse with very hot water numerous times, the glass is left sparkling clean and scent free!
  9. salt is abrasive and leaves tiny scratches on your glass, over time resin can build up in these scratches and cannot be cleaned: true or myth?
  10. Diamonds cut glass, not salt.

    In terms of being an abrasive, you may as well not even consider it one towards the glass itself. Well, that is, unless you're spraying salt-saturated-water out of a high pressure jet...

    Is quite an effective abrasive for a lil bit of resin, though ^^
  11. Using rubbing alcohol and salt has always worked for me, Rock salt is just as cheap and and even more efficient to clean with.
    But if your cleaning out a pipe try to find urnex. my roomate works at a coffee shop and has a ton of it. you just boil some water with the urnex the pour it into a cup with your pipe in it. i know people are scared of hot water but i have been doing this for years and it takes under five minutes to clean my pipe

  12. I've found that brake cleaner works well. It's a petroleum solvent, so it's meant to remove heavy, gunky oil (sound like resin anyone?).

    It's pretty strong, so do it in a well ventilated area. Spray it in the bong (or on any resin), slosh it around, and watch it darken as your bong gets clearer. Pour out, repeat as necessary.

    Using a cloth to wipe up the resin helps, as letting the solvent evaporate only makes the resin re-deposit, leaving a film.

    Rinse it out with soap and water and blow through a few times. Make sure you can't smell any brake cleaner anywhere, and you're good!
  13. I'm in the minority with crazymonkey & faulkner, but, I say, scrape that fucker out (I prefer the file end of a pair of nail-clippers), collect all that black-brown powder & goop, press it,
    dry it out, and SMOKE it! Now I can see why people who'd spend a hundred bucks on a glass bong might want to keep it "pretty" but I like pipes that look well lived in and that Are well lived-in.
    Cest la vie, to each their own.
  14. WOW

    I just let my bowl soak in a rubber glove (don't ask) full of iso for about 5 hours. Came back pour it out BAM brown stinky water. Run bowl under hot water and literally TONS of debris fell out of that thing. Just dried it and packed a bowl and let me tell you

    it is like NIGHT and DAY

    If you are reading this and your bowl needs to be cleaned JUST DO IT NOW.
  15. if i use the iso + salt + baggie trick, how will i be able to get the resin?

    if someone can explain this to me it will be greatly appreciated
  16. ^If you want to smoke the resin, you have to scrape it out with a paperclip or something.

    The cleaning method isn't intended to leave the resin salvageable :p
  17. don't use salt, use a paperclip. evaporate the iso on an electric stove on the lowest heat setting.
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    First off that black shit in your pipe isnt resin that is tar. Resin is the trichs that grow on the marijuana plant.

    Cleaning a pipe should be kept up with. I clean mine once a day and it takes 2 minutes. First I run hot tap water through it for like 30 seconds, shaking the water up inside the pipe n what not. Then I pour some 91% ISO into the pipe shake that a few times. I repeat this untill its as clean as I want it to be. Normally 2 ISO washs and like 1 minute of washing it out with the hot water. I dont smoke tar so I dont keep it. Just my 2cents. :hello:

    Edit: I use that method on all my glass.
  19. so i was in baltimore yesterday and picked up a new ZOB Halo perc beaker.... the lady at the shop said that cleaning with iso and salt will cause the glass to become weaker... is there any truth to this or was she just tryin to sell me some cleaner?
  20. is it bad to put your glass bong in the dishwasher

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