The Official Piece Cleaning Guide

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  2. Iso and Salt works the best. But it doesn't get rid of all of it no matter how much i clean my bong, but it gets it cleaner than anything else ive used. Anyways i get water streaks or spots which is pretty annoying, i even throw a few drops of dawn in there and still get the streaks. How do i get it crystal clear like it was new? What do you guys use

  3. helpful post!
  4. Sorry if this question has already been asked. Is it necessarily a bad idea to soak it in alcohol?
  5. The best (and cheapest) tool for removing that tar-like resin that builds up inside down stems is a plastic drinking straw

    hold the stem by the ground part and wipe the outside with an alcohol soaked rag
    (you dont want that shit on your fingers)
    then push the straw thru the stem keeping the tip up tight to one side

    the resin scrapes right off with no solvents and gets trapped inside the straw
    then repeat working in a circle around the inside of the stem

    toss the straw and bam: clean stem and clean hands

  6. rinse with hot water to get all the salt off the glass then towel dry inside and out
    then add a little alcohol and shake then drain
    the alcohol will evaporate leaving no spots behind
    but you have to get all the salt out first
  7. well i fuck i have shit for cleaning my bubbler... cant go to store... is there anyother methods? dishwashingsoap? i have a lil hydroperoxide
  8. but what about wood pipes
  9. If i use salt or rice with a bong that has an ice catcher, will this make it difficult to get the rice/salt/abrasive out afterwards?
  10. Dirty pipe? Don't be fooled into buying over-priced shit at the headshop.

    You will need salt, rubbing alc. (%100) a plastic bag, and perhaps a paper clip (if clogged).

    Put your piece in the bag and submerge in alc.
    Pour salt, seal bag and shake.
    Pour that nasty shit down the toilet, rinse your pipe well and go on with your day.

    If you are like my gross friend C, who enjoys the resin, you can save it for smoking.

    Boil some water (not too hot) and submerge your piece, which will be in a small glass bowl. Pour the nasty water into a coffee filter and let it dry.

    Said friend will then form the resin into a slim turd and connect the two ends, forming a ring. A pebble will usually suffice as screen. Resin is pretty gross, but sometimes you are high and dry.:hide:
  11. Nice guide man, I just used it to clean my chillum and spoon, It worked like a charm, I would post somed before/after pics so you can see the huge diffrence in both of them, but no digital camera, hopefully for christmas though! + rep for awesome guide.
  12. we should call this the "Piece Keeping Guide" - (How to keep your piece)

    haha, get it?

    man i'm high.
  13. it might be just me, but i found that after doing the rubbing alcohol/salt method that my piece tasted awful for the longest time.. it took it about 15 bowls to taste normal again.. for sure not doing it to my new bong.. anyone else having that problem?
  14. yeah, actually. but i broke mine... so i dont have this problem anymore, till i get a new one anyway
  15. maybe its cuz i put wayy too much and i did it about 4 times until nothing came out. im not quite sure on the stuff i used, but i think it was a bit too strong. is there any other homemade way to clean a bong that isnt too harsh on the bong or on your lungs?
  16. i think it only tastes bad because you're used to smoking a resinated pipe... it's the only thing i thought of. when you rinse the pipe, its suppose to rinse out all the alcohol (obviously), so im sure that can't be why.
  17. Nice ya i normally just rinse mine out but this works great =) thanks
  18. Already posted a guide, incase you missed it.

    Ty good sir.

    If you used alcohol, you're fine. If it still tastes bad, you need to rinse it better.

    If it's not very good weed, sometimes it tastes better out of a dirty pipe.

    Silly gooses/geese/what the fuck ever
  19. Quick question, I went to a CVS and bought rubbing alcohol but I just realized that I got Ethyl alcohol instead of Isopropyl. Is that gonna make a difference?
  20. I donot think it will work because the thc is solube in isopropyl alcohol, and not ethyl alcohol... it might work, but not effectively. it might work just as well as water. try it though, it shouldn't hurt your pipe any.

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