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  1. I figured this thread would get lost when they changed over the forums. It used to be a sticky in the old setup. How about making it sticky again? Any mods want to chime in here???
  2. I just bought a new bong from here (Black Leaf UFO Perc beaker). After every sesh I dump the water out, but I realize that the water in the perc doesn't evaporate too well since it has a splashguard at the top of it. If I clean it with salt and alcohol, will the alcohol remain in the perc area even if I rinse it with water multiple times?

    Here's the bong --> Black Leaf - Beaker Base UFO Perc Glass Ice Bong -
  3. I have the Black Leaf UFO Beaker but I'm worried to clean it. The ufo perc sits below a splash guard, but the small hole on the splash guard never seems to allow the water droplets to evaporate, even after 2 days of sitting. I'm hesitant to clean it with salt and iso because people say that the iso just evaporates after rinsing it out. I don't want any iso left over in the perc chamber. I also plan to use SG occasionally, but I'm afraid that it won't rinse out well enough. Any ideas?
  4. dude it will rinse out. Just wash it out with hot water after you're done shaken it around getting all the gunk off. Ive used salt and iso for years now and never had any problems
  5. Just be careful with doing that cause heating and cooling of glass even back to room temp rapidly softens the glass and will help cause it to crack or break more easily. I do the same thing with slides and use a bobby pin to scrape just be cautious about leaving it under the scolding water and removing it.

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    for whatever reason, we have had an issue where the ziploc bag splits just below the closure after we shake the fuck out of our gear using Iso & salt. Not sure why but just trying to pass it on for those not looking to clean up bilge water (aka bong water) :D

    Our workaround is to bag the piece and then put the bag in a small plastic container (jar, etc.) and shake the fuck out of it.

    Also go to a Dollar Store or Harbor Freight and look at buying different brushes or SOS pads for the absolute worst resin. Shake, Soak, Scrub, Rinse... now go rip that piece!
  7. Hi!

    I didn't read every page of this awesome thread;), but I was wondering: isn't alcohol bad? Could I just clean my metal hitter with Epsom salt and hot water and not bother with the alcohol?

    Also, what if you want to save the resin and smoke it?

    I'm not very new to smoking, just to owning and caring for pieces, lol.
  8. I have COPD.I am 56 on 4/ shit. So many beautiful bongs since the 70's.. can't use them now. I am really to switch to vaping everything. Did my research and purchased "The Haze" for my private is multipurpose and a SkyCloud from Kandy which can be multipurpose. Oh and I got the box type for company. Vaping is not the same and it takes practice and time to master.
  9. Small air hole?
  10. get this thread some Geritol [​IMG]
  11. I'm guessing it didn't make sticky status this time... Still, great info to have since there seem to be a LOT of people that don't know about it.

    Cell phones still work at this altitude!

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