The Official Piece Cleaning Guide

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    I've heard this too. I stopped using salt on my clear pieces (bongs). Hot isopropyl alcohol warmed in the microwave is the best alternative. Plus hot iso is much better on tree percolated pieces than salt, as those arms are not made to withstand the extra weight and could eventually break from it after many (or not so many) cleanings.

    So yes, hot iso on clear pieces, salt is OK if you're cleaning a colored piece.

    EDIT: By the way, the thing about the micro-abrasions came from a glassblower who will not clean his pieces with salt anymore. I didn't get to see the tube he says has a lot of the micro-abrasions, but this guy has no reason to lie to me.
  2. And I've also heard Grunge-Off is 100% worth it. It's reusable, which is what attracts me to it. I think I may pick some up on Monday.

    Product report will follow if I get it.
  3. Simplest way to do it is Alcohol (above 70% is good), salt, and a sink.

    I've used the ones you buy, but it's just the same thing as above, but with added scent.

    I won't use anything with soap, hate the taste, even with scalding rinses.
  4. Had to resort to 70% since there was a bottle in the house and I didn't feel like going to the store, but it got it cleaned up nicely, it probably took a little longer than the 91%, but it did the job, and now my bowl is clean, almost like new. Thanks for the guide, my glass appreciates it :)
  5. fingernail polish + hot water works pretty good. fingernail polish +alcohol+ salt = like you just bought it.
  6. Good call on the Cascade, it's much more gentle on the percs than salt.

    What color polish would you say works the best?;)

  7. purple.

    fingernail polish REMOVER:smoke:
  8. my peices look brand new!~

  9. Not really, the best thing to use is acetone, it's all I use on my bong. Yes it is an epoxy thinner/industrial solvent, but it also evaporates completely (like, you'll notice it evaporating within a few seconds if you spill it) and any salt/ mineral residue remaining is easily rinsed off.

    Call me crazy but it cleans like a mofo and if you let it dry in the sun for a while and then rinse it off once or twice you'll be right as rain. :smoking:
  10. Havn't we already addressed this?
  11. Give automotive engine cleaner a try. Purple Power or Super Clean. They clean faster than the alcohol. Anything rinses off glass, that's why they use glass to store all those real nasty things in labs, so its safe if you rinse it well.
  12. ... Why clean a piece? Don't you want the resin... to get higher? I don't really know, anyone wanna fill me in?
  13. If you're smoking dank, you don't want the resin to take away from the taste.
  14. I must say that is a tight ass mushroom bong!! very impressed
  15. Very helpful thanks alot!!!
  16. I just used hot water under the tap and pipe cleaners for my pipe and it came out clean as new.
  17. I got fairly good results with some Q-tips and isopropyl alcohol, though immersing it in a bag sounds better. Someone said something about lighter fluid, but I've found that to be grossly inefficient.
  18. just buy some 420 from a smoke shop and you just pour a little in, swirl it around and it clean your pieces beautifully
    only a few bucks too
  19. Just an FYI, acetone works perfect, and will not harm the glass in any way. We use acetone almost exclusively to clean our lab glass at my university and its the same glass used for making bongs. The only precaution is to make sure you rinse all the acetone away before you use it again.
  20. as a response to Rhythm of Life (whose post i really didnt want to stretch the page with)

    HASHBEAN IS MY FREAKING HERO!!! hes so cool :p

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