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Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by Floydian, May 27, 2008.

  1. ive got a 3 foot bong "Jack The Ripper" that gets dirty really quick and i found the easiest and quickest way to clean it is spraying some WD-40 into it and swishing it around all the "DIRTY" spots and it cleans it within less than a minute, after which i wash it out with regular dish soap until i can no longer smell the chemicals.... takes about 2 and a half minutes, unless im cleaning it out after the sesh is over.... in which case i spray some windex in that bitch and wash it out a second time...... i take care of my shit, gets the cleanest hit:smoke:

  2. once a month my man:smoke:
  3. Ive heard of mixing shaving cream with alcohol and then soaking the pipe.
  4. Do you guys clean your bowls too or just the actual piece itself?
  5. the inside and outside of the bowl are never cleaned... those are scraped after enough resin is collected... i clean everything beyond the bowl.... just because i like to see how much smoke is collected inside before i take my hit:smoking:
  6. I Just used paper clip, then warm watter and pipe cleaners made it like new again and it had a lot of res in it.
  7. have you guys seen the new vortex water bong fuck it looks amazing i was seriously thinking about getting one but how would you clean that thing out :confused:
  8. Hey, this is gonna sound retarded, but...

    Can you do anything with the brown resin/iso/salt mixture instead of just dumping is? I would think you could if it was just resin and the iso if you were to let to alcohol evaporate. I got a dark, DARK nice sized bag and I feel bad just dumping it down the drain...
  9. There's a couple of things I want to mention after having read this Sticky.

    1. Very well organized, Floydian. Thanks for doing this.

    2. There are a couple of what I feel are errors.
    a) Cleaning acrylic (plastic) bongs and pipes is dangerous. See this thread for details.

    b) I noticed there was a reccomendation to use a paper clip to scrape out really caked up bowls, and I reccomend against this. It can cause micro-abrasions on the inside of your glass, lowering the integrity of the glass. For those of us who are very particular about our pieces, i suggest you use a mixture of hot isopropyl alcohol, salt, and as Floydian reccomended, pipe cleaners on really caked pieces.

    Thanks again, Floydian.

  10. I've got a two foot, double perc, beaker bottom. as you can imagine it's kind of hard to clean. Heres what you need, some rubber bands, a plastic grocery bag(like from ralphs), some rubbing alcohol, should be like two bucks at any store, and some salt, I've found that when buying salt, its better to go big, it's like a dollar for a huge bottle. Now, empty your bong of water, and tear off a piece of grocery bag and cover where your downstem is inserted, rubber band over it to keep it tight, like the skin of a drum. pour in your salt and rubbing alcohol through the top, shake it a round a bit to clean above the perc, after that is clean, blow it through, then cover the top of your bong with plastic, rubber band this also. then shake it as much as you want, with the holes sealed, you don't have to worry about spills.
  11. Is the first method ok to use on a wooden pipe? I have a small pipe I made out of oak which needs to be cleaned badly.
  12. Tried this and it works great. Don't do they hot water thing whether its boiling or just running it underwater because there is always that small chance that it could crack from the heat! This method is great though Nice job!!
  13. Its worth the extra dollar to get the 90% alcohol. Cleans the bong spotless in a few shakes with salt.

    Tried and true

    lot of salt and a lil alcohol for best results

    pipes are tougher though
  14. Thanks so much for this thread.
    I don't know why I didn't think of such a simple thing before - alcohol and salt. It's that frickin easy!
    Here I was soaking my shit in oxyclean for days...
  15. I heard salt causes micro-abrasions in glass...No-no?
  16. formula 420, no question. that shits like acid to resin. its only like ten bucks and it works far better than any self cleaning methoed or anything for that matter. only about a fourth a cup and one to two shakes of the bong and it looks like new. promise its the best there is.
  17. Cleaners like that are a rip-off IMO. Why would you pay $10 for somethin you could get for less than two bucks? The shit even looks like evergreen alcohol and salt when you squeeze it out, lol. I wasted many a dollar on that shit before I realized that Cascade/Electrasol + hot water + 91 iso is the way to go.
  18. I've heard this before too, but my minimal knowledge on the subject tells me it isn't true.
    I know it happens with plastic though.
  19. It can but you need very coarse salt and I'd guess thousands of cleanings to even slightly notice it. I cleaned my old bong daily with salt and iso, adding up to about 250-300 cleanings over the school year, the glass was just as smooth as when I bought it. There were no noticeable grooves or abrasions where the salt would have dug in.
  20. yea the stupid bimbo at the headshop tried to tell me that iso and salt will put grooves in my bong and it will start to taste like the iso,


    been doing this method for about a year and a half with this bong and it still tastes like weed when i smoke out of it. . .

    i know they are trying to sell product but for real stfu i dont need your lies

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