The Official Piece Cleaning Guide

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  1. Pipe cleaners.

    Yeah, turns out those fuzzy multi colored bendy things you fucked with in art class, actually DO serve a purpose :p

  2. Hrmm...maybe I'm the only ones that does this but I never let alcohol come into contact with anything other than salt or cotton swabs. I see you guys using rubber stoppers and various plastic brushes... I dont wanna know what's on your glass.
  3. Ah, well I tried using a pipe cleaner, but due to the shape of my bowl and the fact that it has a very small stem, I've been unable to remove the clog in the pipe.

    Here's a picture of the piece so you guys have a better idea of what I'm talking about.


    I even tried running hot water through the bowl/stem, and after a few tries with that and the pipe cleaner, I decided trying putting the pipe in a bag of piping hot water and salt and shaking it, which also didn't work.

    I think the stem is just too narrow and curved to allow the piece to be effectively cleaned, and that it has become so clogged that it is now near impossible to clean. I might just give up with it and buy a glass piece. I've been interested in buy a sherlock for a while anyway. :D
  4. Without reading your issues with your blockage, have you tried some rubbing alcohol and kosher salt? i know it's great for glass cleaning, but the alcohol might help breakdown whatever is blocking your pipe just enough to work for ya.

    It's either that or drano :p
  5. Yeah, I'll try the iso/salt trick next. My pipe is pretty much good for nothing other than decoration as of now, so if I ruin it trying to clean it with alcohol it won't be much of a loss for me I suppose. I'll post up the results after I try it.
  6. i tried it after about 4 months of not cleaning my bong and smoking out of it multiple timers per day. And its like brand new now.
  7. will regular table salt work or does it have to be kosher/ bigger salt? thanks
  8. The bigger the salt the better, even rice can but substituted. Although if you have a perc or any other tight spot use a finer salt.
  9. The reason why corse/course(sp?) salt works best (ie. Sea Salt or Kosher over idodize table salt) is because they work as a solid non harming abbrasive against the resin/gunk buildup on your peice.

    Table salt will work to some degree, but a run to the pharmacy, $1.69 for a large thing of rubbing alcohol and then $2.50 for a box of Mortons Kosher salt and you're set for a long time.

    For those who tried it above glad it worked for ya (as it should!!!) Nothing better than smoking out of something that's sparkling clean imo.
  10. do yourselves all a favor and buy some 454 glass cleaner.

    At 9 bucks for a huge bottle its the cheapest and best

    Anyone else ever use it....the process is the same as the bag method

    in 5 min I can have a spotless pipe
  11. So is isopropyl alcohol. In fact, I've never heard of a non-polar solvent (the kind that dissolves THC) that isn't toxic. Whatever you use, as long as you let it dry out, is fine. If you want to smoke *now*, rinse the piece THOROUGHLY with water, which I do anyway since I use iso/salt and need to get the salt out afterwards. For what it's worth, I bet paint thinner and salt would work somewhat better than alcohol and salt, although not well enough to justify the price difference.
  12. Lighter fluid is a good solvent, too. Or simple green.
  13. thanks pipe looks brand new
  14. For a metal or glass, (all tried) soak in brake fluid overnight and comes clean so easy. Of course after soaking in BF, clean WELL in dawn d/w liquid to remove all traces of BF. Alcohol was used before but this is quicker and easier. Don't put rubber in the BF tho, that usually cleans well in Dawn. As long as you clean and rinse well after, I don't see the big deal with what you soak it in. Done for years and no probs here...
  16. rubbing alchohol and salt took the color right out of my pipe no lie
  17. does nobody else smoke the resin?
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  19. soap powder and hot water over nite soak:)

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