The Official Piece Cleaning Guide

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  1. Just make sure you are gental while cleaning, just using a paper clip i have broken pipes before! Thanks for the guide, lots of good info
  2. I dont know why you have to do all that crazy shit with the rubbing alchohol and salt and what not. I just wait until my piece is nasty with resin, then soak it for about ten minutes, and just clean it out with a pipe cleaner.
  3. Bongs I just use Alchohol and rice, Pipes I just fill a glass with rubbing alchohol throw all the pipes in it (taken appart if there metal) let the glass set overnight next morning just run some cue tips through it and it shines like new.
  4. just did this for the first time..thanks man. i had to my pipe was tasting like rosie o donnell butthole......not that i would know...........................
  5. very helpful guide. Thanks.
  6. I swear by Formula420, I clean all my glass with it. Most head shops I've ever been to sell it for like $4-6 or something. No boiling, no scraping, none of that crap. It's quick and easy and non-toxic, unlike paint thinner or whatever. That's absolutely retarded.
  7.'re a fucking idiot. You should never put something that will kill you if ingested into your piece. Ever.

    PS: Resinate is definitely the best cleaner, I've found. It's made locally in South Florida...if you live here, go to the Piece Pipe (Commercial and N Dixie Hwy), like $4 a bottle or something, works great!
  8. Isopropyl alcohol is toxic, but it's good because it evaporates easily, with the paint thinner, the most toxic shit evaporates just as easy, but I'm not sure what kinds of residues it leaves behind, but Iso and salt is the best method I've tried yet, but Iso and Cascade seems worth looking into
    but what if you want to ball up the resin?
  9. I always just take mine in the shower with me with a few pipe cleaners. works like a charm
  10. I use kosher salt with bongs. Its a really good abrasive.

    Alcohol works okay, but Pure Acetone works better. It is more expensive than alcohol, but is a lot easier to use.

    After every few cleanings I use lemon scented windex if there is any stale smell. Just spray some some and rinse.
  11. Yeah, I just use the rubbing alcohol and salt mixture. Like 2/3 alcohol and 1/3 salt in a baggie and shake the fuck out of it, for pipes that is. Bongs just put the mixture into bong and close up all the holes and shake it up.
  12. My local hemp shop makes a cleaning called "Big Buzz Bong Juice"

    A little sqeeze bottle for a couple bucks makes 4 litres of cleaner.... You just let your peices soak anywhere from 2-8 hours and it just breaks up any res inside leaving your peice as clean as the day you bought it...

    It doesn't harm the glass or strip any fuming/colours and leaves absolutely no aftertaste (so long as you rinse well)

    It contains Tetra Potassium, Pyrophosphate, Potassium Hydroxide, and Detergent.

    Best stuff I've ever used.
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  14. i have used most of the cleaning products everyone has listed but i find nothing works better than a lil bit of acetone and epsom salts. with the acetone there is no messing around u put it in shake it and its clean the first time. a couple of my friends have said that it is terrible to do that because it strips layers off of the glass. i dunno sounds like BS to me but im the same person who pours a nice amount of acetone on my hands if i need to get paint off of them ahaha.
  15. if you got the cash, Bling! is the best solution to use. if not and a baller on a budget, i was first use hot water rinse, if pipe, then the grain salt with isopropyl alcohol. higher the alcohol percentage the better. be sure to rinse afterwards for no shit smell.
  16. does regular table salt work or does it have to be big kosher type salt?
  17. ...Iso and salt suddenly don't work? Try it first and then explain to us why it's a bad system and doesn't deserve to be a sticky.
  18. First let me start by saying that this is a great thread, and that I've frequently used the iso+salt method to clean my old glass pipe and my bong with excellent results.

    However, I now have a small problem:

    I gave my glass pipe to a friend, and my only pipe now is a small wooden piece that my sister gave me. I love the piece-not only is it cool, but it hits very well and has a nice deep bowl. However, the piece is completely clogged. I've tried running a paper clip through the pipe, but since it has a curved shape I can't get the clog out. I've also tried searching through the forums/google for answers. I'm going to try using a standard arts and crafts pipe cleaner as soon as I can get my hands on one.

    My question to you, fellow blades, is - do you have any suggestions on cleaning this pipe? I figured this would be the best place to ask. My pipe's been sitting in my stash box for a while now since I have been unable to use it. While it's not of dire importance that I get it cleaned out, I'd definitely like to have it available to me again, so any advice or helpful hints would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, I'd like to suggest that someone add a guide for cleaning wooden pipes to this thread, since one does not already exist.

    Thanks for any help you can offer! :D
  19. another reason you shouldn't boil your pipe is that the resin will stick all around the pot at the waters surface. it. fucking. SUCKS.
    i nearly ruined my mom's favorite farberware pot. i sat there for like an hour with brillo pags and steel wool trying to remove it. i ended up polishing the upper half of the inside of the pot, and had to polish the rest to cover up that fact that i had boiled my pipe.

    i'm never boiling it again. ever.
  20. Remove your screen if you have one.

    Take a knife an scrap out your bowl.

    Take a pipe cleaner and go at it.

    Use warm water, in small amounts, to help loosen resin.

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