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    The purpose of this thread is for us blades, who are interested in seduction techniques, to become motivated to approach girls. Here you can share your successful (or not-so-successful) seduction stories, and follow up on your progress, as well as offer tips.


    To try this, you'll need to approach random girls and attempt to get their numbers (or more). This is probably best done with a good friend. You can either use a direct opener ("Hey, I think you look cute and I told myself I have to talk to you,") or indirect opener ("Can I ask your opinion on ______"). You'll need to convey confidence (read my article on body language), and humor in order to keep the situation from turning awkward.

    Daygame: this is game during the day, in low intensity environments, such as coffee shops, grocery stores, bookstores etc.

    Nightgame: this is game during the night, in high intensity environments, such as clubs, bars, lounges etc.

    Example of Pick Up:

    Daygame (slow and casual):
    [ame=]Picking Up Girls In The Daytime - Alex Shows You How ... - YouTube[/ame]

    Nightgame (fast and intense):
    [ame=]Real Social Dynamics Julien Infield Footage -- Shocking Pickup Rampage -- Hot Seat 2 Revealed - YouTube[/ame]

    Let the games begin. :smoke:
  2. wat r we playin?
  3. lol. Thought this thread died. Approaching random girls to get numbers or more.

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