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    I noticed my Conspiracy Theory thread was a little too specific and I wanted a thread more about discussion of philosophical ideas, unexplained mysteries, that has far more room for improvisation by the poster.
    You can post anything from paranormal experiences, to your ideas on unexplained mysteries such as the paranormal (ghosts, demons, djinn, poltergeist, psychokinesis, etc) , your own philosophies on related topics, cryptozoological and/or possibly mythical creatures (Bigfoot, the Lochness monster, etc), and of course extraterrestrials/extra-dimensional entities, metaphysics, general related theories and the like.​
    I don't want to be too specific, however if you can please keep it within these sort of topics and related topics.​
    Lets get it on my blades who think outside the box! I will start us off:​

  2. A post from another thread that I banged out during a discussion with a newly made friend:
  3. Here's a story about the paranormal/demonic entities..
    I am relating this story which was told to me to by a witness who was described the events. He was not the only witness to the event. I have discussed the matter with one other witness who confirmed the story.

    These strange events occurred in late 1985, at the what was then the Pineapple Pub (which was closed down in May 1985). The public house is located in Norwich, Norfolk, UK.

    There were a group of teenagers, who entered the closed premise of the public house, looking for alcohol, cigarettes and the like. Eventually they reach the bar area of the pub. To there surprise, there were still coats, handbags, drinks left of the table, some of the drinks were half empty, and behind the bar the till, and the "shorts" and beer pumps were still intact. The witnesses stated that the bar and tables were covered in a thin layer of dust. They also stated that it seemed like everybody left in a hurry. Further all of the witnesses felt something was watching them, and was curious as to why they were there.

    One of the witnessed said, lets get all the stuff..being money, crisps, and "fags" as he put it. They then made the decision, since they believed the building would be empty, to explore and go upstairs to see what else they could find.

    This is when the disturbing events occurred. They left the main bar area via a "swinging door" which lead upstairs. As soon as the last person went through the door, they all heard thudding sounds..about 5 or 6, rapid one after the other. Upon turning around, they noticed the tips of some kind of blade were sticking through the door, they just went through. They were very shocked by this, then they started hearing noises come was the bar area (there was a kitchen area just behind the bar). They went back through this door, and there were "kitchen or chef knifes sticking in the door!", (it was believed some other kids were messing around just to get rid of them, even though they didn't find anyone). They checked out the area in the bar and then the kitchen...nothing was found. They decided to still have a look around. As they started to go up stairs, the last one in the queue so to speak noticed a "blackboard" right by the swing door in the hallway that lead to the stairs. There was "scribbled" writing on the board which read "your going to die". This had an effect on this witness.

    After searching the rooms up stairs, which contained clothes, beds etc., one of them decided that it might be worth the effort to search the attic as well, as long as they were there. They all eventually managed to find and enter the attic via a ladder. Up in the attic to their surprise, was a lot of dead birds (pigeons etc.) And the smell was horrendous. There wasn't much up in the attic, but they noticed some kind of opening in the roof. They explored further by exiting the build via this opening (maybe due to what had occurred down stairs?). The last person to exit via this opening, felt a "very strong grip" on the bottom of his leg, trying to pull him down, it took all the remaining witnesses to pull him up. He was obviously very scared at this point.

    They managed to get to the ground, via outside drainage pipes. After they left the grounds, two of the witnesses, looked back at the building, and both of them, could see a little girl in a upstairs window, dressed in what looked like "Victorian clothing" with a "diabolical grin" on her face. And the most strangest thing she (?) had very red eyes! The witnesses both felt very strongly at this point, the feeling that this little girl "knew who they were". After this incident that ran away from the building.

    The witness who related this story too me, did some background research on the history of the area. He found out, that the grounds were on the outside of the city walls, and this is where in time past a leper colony existed at that location. Further that there was also workhouse on that, or very near the site at some point.

    I myself, cannot, confirm, deny or provide any further insight into these events..make up your own mind.

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    The Extraterrestrials We DON'T Want to Meet
    When it comes to the issue of first contact, many people are willing to believe in diplomacy-where exchanges of knowledge between us and an alien race will lead to the enrichment and advancement of humanity. However this is only an assumption, and it could be a dangerous one because we also assume that aliens are either benevolent or malevolent before we've actually met them.

    So what about the aliens themselves? for all the peace loving races we want to contact, there could be just as many that we may not want to contact for own safety. These types of civilizations are listed below, and I will add examples from works of fiction that resemble the races I'm discussing.

    The idealist extremists

    We are all aware of the violence and disharmony that has been caused by clashing beliefs. Skin color, sexual preference, religious beliefs, and even economic factors have been a trigger for violence. And if we are capable of such acts, we shouldn't assume that our galactic neighbors are not as well.

    Our population is dominated by two religions: Islamism and Catholicism. The two have been at loggerheads for centuries, and the conflict between the two has cost thousands of lives. Now imagine a monotheistic race, all devoted to a single god who we'll call Bob for now. Now what happens when the the devoted Bob botherers learn of a false idols known as god, Mohammed and Buddha? It could trigger a violent crusade against us infidels. Now I know what you're thinking 'aliens capable of interstellar travel are intelligent enough to put aside their differences and prejudices'-another assumption. When Neil Armstrong made one small step for man, many more men were making small steps in the jungles of Vietnam.

    And religion is not the only facet of human society that aliens could frown upon; aliens could hate our hierarchical system, and could punish us for our belief in democracy. The same could be said for any one of our human facets; self replicating asexual aliens might take offense to the endless pornography we are broadcasting and decide to put an end to our species for our carnal crimes.​
    Example:The Yuuzhan Vong
    The handsome chap above is a member of the Yuuzhan Vong, a species found in the Star Wars universe.
    He hates technology and those who wield it, to his people technology is unnatural and a blight on the living experience. So naturally his people want to cleanse the galaxy of these abominations, which ended in the deaths of hundreds of trillions of individuals.

    The artificial antagonists

    Many scientists have proposed that first contact won't be between man and alien, but between man and machine, or possibly between machine and machine. Ideas such as the Von Neumann probe envision swarms of self replicating robots that spread and reproduce when the need arises.

    But what would happen if these robots had sentience? Even the simplest life forms on earth are aware that life is a game of survival of the fittest, if they didn't then they would be extinct. A machine could eventually evolve the same sense of self preservation that we have, which could prove deadly for us.

    Now let's bring Bob back into the equation, only this time he's an intelligent probe. Now Bob was not too bright at the start, he only knew a few things- where to go, how to get there in one piece, and how to make more Bobs (He calls this the backpacker strategy.) Over time he learns more of his surroundings, growing smarter and reproducing. But eventually he runs into organic predators, intent on capturing and possibly devouring him and his replicas. So what does he do? He survives and evolves.

    Over time he encounters more and more of these organic lifeforms, each one a possible roadblock impeding his mission. And because Bobs logic can't comprehend tolerance or interpret the other party's intentions, his artificial instinct kicks in, which is survival. So to provide security, Bob creates doomsday dreadnaughts to destroy every possible threat to his mission and his continued existence.

    Now Bobs story might seem like a bit of a stretch, but the same thing is happening inside your body right now. Every moment of everyday your white blood cells are keeping you healthy by reproducing and eliminating any foreign bodies that may compromise your immune system. And at the same time these foreign bodies are mutating into stronger forms so they can combat the strength of your white blood cells. They don't know why they do it, they just do it, and if something as simple as a virus can have survival instincts, then there's no doubt that A.I could as well.​
    Example:The reapers
    This interesting character is known as Sovereign, Bobs bigger, smarter, and stronger brother from the Mass Effect Universe. His 'race' knows the threat the meat bags pose to his kind's existence, so every fifty thousand years the reapers emerge from dark space to purge the galaxy of all sentient life, making sure every species goes down the same technological pathway to their doom.

    The omnipotent oppressors

    Looking back at our own history, there is evidence that the more cultured societies have tried to mold the more primitive people into their own image. Tribes in Africa for example have had Christianity and technology forced upon them, when they require neither- a bible or a television does not enrich their lives, and some could argue that in some instances the advancements in western society has made the situation worse, even if the intentions are noble.

    So what if there is a race out there that has the power and the purpose to alter all our lives? Our society could have the rug pulled from under our feet by a species who thinks it knows what's best for us. This is where Bob makes another appearance.

    Bob is no longer a probe anymore-he's now an ancient alien, who's race has ascended to a level of evolution that borders on godhood. He's the all seeing, all powerful custodian of the universe, capable of feats that would seem like magic to us. But being the caretaker of the galaxy is a burden, especially when you have young upstarts like Homo Sapiens willing to destroy themselves or others.

    So in Bob's infinite wisdom, he decides to pacify humanity by stripping them of their weapons. But he can't stop there. He sees the fallacies of spiritualism and mysticism, so he eradicates those as well, and slowly but surely humanity is molded into what Bob believes is a utopia, when in actuality mankind has been stripped of it's chance to forge it's own destiny and enlightenment.​
    Example:The forerunners
    The fellow above the one of the forerunners, an ancient race that appears in the Halo universe. They believed in the 'mantle'-their right and responsibility to protect and guide all life in the galaxy, mankind being one of those life forms. But mankind was quickly becoming a threat to the mantle, so roughly a hundred thousands years ago the forerunners defeated the humans, destroyed their technology, and reduced Homo Sapiens to a primitive state.

    So there you have it. We may be more than eager for our first encounter with another intelligent species, but we need to take heed of our own past and be careful about who we meet in the cosmos. There is a good chance that other civilizations are peaceful and benevolent, but the milky way is a very big place and the possibilities are endless.​
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    YES! I have been waiting for a thread like this! I want to share my thoughts of what I dub "the flow of the universe". Have you ever had a "psychic" or synchronized experience? A example of a psychic event would be dreaming and it coming true/happening or thinking of a song and it comes on and even announcing/sharing thoughts with another person at a specific moment. Those are just a few(and not the best) examples to give you an idea of what I mean. Now I want to clarify by psychic I don't necessarily mean someone who can read minds or predict the future. This is where the term synchronicity comes in to play. I wouldn't say synchronicity is fate nor coincidence, there just seemsto be moments and events that "connect". Cause and effect and reaction to actions. Certain events chain together and it just seems like as if flows in a way(which is why I like using "the flow of the universe" to dub this). Again, I'm not saying every occurrence has meaning or it was supposed to happen. 
    Now I want to elaborate on the previous paragraph. The reason why I bring up the word psychic is I have had a few experiences myself that just seemed odd. There was a time I had a dream about a friend purchasing two video games and I woke up to find out he bought two new games. This event didn't blow my mind or anything but I would say it was rather strange to me. It seems to me that we can connect to others through consciousness as if we can pick up on thoughts/feelings/certain events. You could interpret that as a coincidence but  I just feel like there are "unknown forces" to this reality that we do not understand and can't accurately test. Keep in mind this is just personal perception and I don't apply this as fact just observation. It sometimes gets me thinking  :laughing:  I could expand on my thoughts to make them more clear but this is a basic gist of my thoughts I came up with.
    Have you had any similar experiences with this "flow" and "synchronized" events in life? What are your thoughts? 
    TL;DR(Although you may be confused): There seems to be a flow to life, can we connect to others/tune in through consciousness?(I don't mean mind reading), and synchronized events such as meeting or running into certain people. 
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    I've definitely noticed the phenomenon, but have always chocked it up to coincidence of over active minds. Although, I do think that you're onto something but you potentially only have a small part of the picture if that makes since.
    Here's something else to consider, the multiverse/multidimension theory. Every time we do something, a new universe is created or we are instantaneously moved to that universe, so some universes we got in a car accident and died, or maybe we never met our first love, etc. Every possibility is possible. When we experience these precognitional/psyhic/seemingly coincidental happenings, perhaps it's some sort of "glitch" in the universal code or our minds due to something not happening as the universe would expect due to various factors specific to us at that time and place, or it could be us possibly moving to that alternate reality.
    Does this make sense?
    Just so people in the future know this is exactly how I'd like to see this thread go... People sharing their ideas on the universe and related matters (the important things) and then we can discuss and debate them and share our own ideas.
  7. Yes it makes perfect sense. I have thought and heard about the notion of parallel/alternate realities. Speaking of alternate realities....what are your thoughts on "astral projection"? Do you see it as traveling to another reality existing in a physical sense or do you see it as just a lucid dream. Some claim it's parallel to this reality but some things are changed. Interesting topic nonetheless.
    I'm kinda on the fence about as to whether it actually involves going to another universe or something of that nature... I actually have astral projected without intending to do so several times in my life, similar to how the kid in Insidious does, as in he doesn't intend on it but finds he's naturally good at it.
    I also have been working on lucid dreaming for many years and have become quite good at that, as far as controlling myself and becoming aware that I am dreaming.
    Sometimes it goes wrong and I have some deeply disturbing and horrific nightmares, and I'm not talking like oh there's a demon chasing me and I feel I'm in danger... Like the most sadistic fucked up dreams that I can't even put into words to describe how deeply depressing and actually physically painful they are.. I experience actual pain in these states... One that really stands out to me is one where I was stuck in a church and no matter how many times I woke up I would go right back to it, and I just felt this very dark and oppressive feeling inside, unexplainable, and in the dream I was possessed by a demon, and I could actually feel it inside me, I could feel the pain, hate, and misery, it was extreme, I also had physical pain of fire burning my body during all of this... I often wonder if I entered a realm where some sort of demonic type entity klung to me temporarily.. I was like in a shocked state for hours after fully waking
  9. Damn that sounds intense...I am trying to get better at lucid dreaming I have had 2 but very brief. 
  10. haha yes! perfect title for the ultimate thread!

    this is abit much for some to take in, but i really wouldnt doubt it seeing as weve only sent one mission to the moon, regardless if its a hoax or not those astronaughts saw something thats made them not want to go back,, ever.

  11. theres also conspiracies that a meteor didnt wipe out the dinasours but rather the ancestors that preceded us were sick of been attacked, aliens that saw us helpless against these beasts, helped us in return for control over us... but aliens are beyond smart, they didnt just say ok well get rid of these and your our slaves, they worked together teaching us, knowledge, how to make weapons of war, etc, which we saw them as our teachers, our guides, that they wernt going to harm us because they are helping us....
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    Ahhh yes, well done excellent topic to bring up. I also have done some research on this... Going on the theory you just stated, it has been shown that there is a larger amount of radiation in the area where I believe India is, so it was speculated that possibly we have been just as if not more advanced than we are now but we had developed nuclear weapons just as we had now and an extinction level type event occurred due to nuclear war which primarily happened in that region, wiping out almost all the current species at the time leaving only some of our ancestor alive to lead to us as we are now. Also going off that theory another sub-theory was that the most wealthy and powerful built a spaceship or time machine and escaped the war, and that they are possibly the extraterrestrials, which could just be us from the future or our ancestors being as what we would have been evolved into now (the Greys) and similar if we had not had such a massive setback in out evolution, and they are coming back sort of checking on what's going on these days at "Ground Zero", possibly monitoring us not being dumb enough to make communication with such a violent and less sophisticated version of them selves.. It would be like flying onto Mars finding a bunch of violent cavemen who would try to kill us and eat us. A thought I just had while typing this is that possibly cavemen or other homo species that had different appearance and bone structure and such could have been the few surviving that were horribly mutated from nuclear fallout, and possibly were hidden in mountains and caves trying to survive the nuclear blasts, if that makes sense... Thoughts?
    Something else I just thought of, back in the dawn of the nuclear age they detonated a nuke in space to see what would happen, and it create a small sort of Van Allen radiation belt... Well what if the Van Allen radiation belt is a remnant of the war that occurred long ago..
    i defently wouldnt doubt that, seeing as weve had many near extinction natural events, evidence has since been buried under the deepest sea or lost in a volcanic explosion,,,the greys as you said could be the remains of a nuclear fallout, that left them with telepathy and several mind altering tech... 
    intresting you brought up time machines, they would have required a great deal of energy, that would have come from somewhere?nuclear power. but that goes back to my whole notion of the theory of god and our universes begining, the quantum continuum..etc, the arrow of time moves one direction, only one direction, the force needed to change that, would reverse the whole universe-big crunch theory comes into play, that simply untill this point where "something"- ie god, attempted to change that arrow of time, only seeing it as he couldnt and ended up dying himself. but what god cant die?
    well before he tried changing the arrows direction he too was a physical being in a universe that must have had no death, seeing as he tried changing this, he himself died-seeing himself dead in a world of no death-sparking the emotions of anger, fear, confusion and sorrow.....but the continuum again as you said is like a russian doll effect infinitly so now think of the amount of energy used automaticaly exploded giving birth to the big bang. which inevitably created our universe- we have electric disturbances all around us so i find that a big coincidence......
    I find that a very inteuiging idea that they are comming to check up on us, mightv driven the big space shit beyond the atmosphere and monitering us,,, seeing as we still havnt changed, they going to take over and create the NWO which we are seeing in this very day and age. 
    I'm having a hard time grasping the first bit you said about God's death and all but I get the general idea you're trying to convey. That's very interesting I can say I honestly never thought of that nor have I heard anyone else ever mention it.
    One thing that a lot of people have speculated like my thread about American being controlled by aliens is that they are systematically working toward something be it to harvest us, create world peace, or open our minds to a whole new galaxy of intelligence and revelations. Another thing on the topic of time travel was that instead of UFOs being from other solar systems and such is that they are possibly time travel vessels that are used for monitoring us, and like I said before are in fact us from the  future that for one reason or another are coming back to this particular time to view history. If time travel is ever invented in the future, even if in 1,000,000,000 years, they would be able to be here now, monitoring us... Perhaps the reason for this is we are on the verge of a major historical event like a massive nuclear war or hopefully a positive event like an event that brings the world together and forever changes the human condition, perspective, and intelligence forever
  15. Hahah yea the first bits abit odd, i got that general idea from another forum some time ago, but i dont know thats probly the best explanation iv herd for the big bang, something that just popped out of nowhere..

    Funny you said harvest us, i read something that stated; we ontop of our foodchain on earth, whats ontop of us in this solar system, whats ontop of them intergalactically,, but its not asif they are eating us physically, but rather mentally- we are becoming dumber- more materialistic controlled- so that we are like chicken in a coup.

    But yea that defently would be the turn for the worst, but sometimes,, if you want to start a new, you just gotta blow everything to bits n start over.

    Unless a cataclysmic event unfolds, and everynation works together to try fix it, then we realise through a time of struggle we have no differences exept langauge- bettering our future- evolving as a whole.
  16. Th
    It might take something on that level to ever unite the worlds people, and possibly even then it still wouldn't bring us all together.... There's been movies that have portrayed this such as 2012, The Day After Tomorrow etc. However, it's possible a lot of nations and their religious beliefs would think things like their specific religions end-times sort of event is occurring that it's just their time so they likely would care less they all are going to die and would embrace at where as the Western world would be doing everything they can in their power to stop it. Crime, suicide, and bad things like that would most likely rise if presented with a situation such as a obvious near extinction level event due to invading extraterrestrial forces such as the type of event presented in the movie Independence Day.
    There's some very interesting theories as to how the big bang came to be and if that even is how it happened at all (a large massive and very hot expansion)
    I have some sub-theories based of the big bang on some of the other known aspects of it. Such as the rate of expansion seemingly speeding up. I think it's quite possible it's not expanding at all but that there is some unknown characteristic that is causing it, possibly something such as a multiverse, where the gravitation pull of another universe as we draw closer is causing it to expand at a further rate.
    Another idea on the same thing I had was that maybe the big bang was so massive, and space is so unfathomably huge, that even though it's been billions of years the bang was so big that we are only still seeing the very beginning of the bang on a universal scale and as such is still speeding up from the initial bang before losing inertia and slowing down, which means it would have been one serious damn bang man...
  17. I texted my girlfriend that something felt really off after I dropped her off after the dark knight rises at her house. It was 3am opening night and on my life did not have pre existing knowledge of the massacre in colorado.
  18. A little side thought on extraterrestrial life on other planets... Something to consider is that planets that are currently no longer in their stars Goldilocks zone could have been at one time and had humanoid type life evolved on it with oceans and the whole nine yards, but due to the expansion of their star or some other factor, would have possibly had to go underground just like in The Matrix so the planet may be inhabitable by our standards such as Mars, but it's quite possible there are planets with massive underground cities where almost the entire crust is consumed by these massive extraterrestrial made underground cities, and have figured out a way to generate their own oxygen or things like that on the idea that they are more advanced than us.
    We might possibly end up in this scenario ourselves if we haven't developed a way to l;eave the planet in massive numbers by the time we've completed depleted our planet of it's resources and it becomes inhospitable
    Could you rephrase? I'm having a hard time understanding what you're trying to say here

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