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Discussion in 'Pets' started by My Fax, Feb 16, 2007.

  1. Well, I did a search and I didn't find anything about pets aside from getting them high. (DON'T post that crap here)

    This thread is in appreciation of those little critters that make our lives just a little bit more happy.

    Here's some pics of my Dog and Cat. My Dog's name is George, and my Cat's name is Edward. They are best friends.


    George is a chihuahua/terrier mix, his ears are gonna stand up pretty soon. And Edward is......black and white.

    What pets do you have?
    Post pics/stories/or even just your appreciation for how cool animals are.

    Again, don't talk about getting pets high!!
  2. Ha those guys are adorable! very cool pets man :D .

    When i get my Sugar Gliders, i'll post some pics
  3. your puppy is mad cute. the kitty is too. but kitties make me sneeze : /

    iunno how to post pictures and now i have to go visit my boyfriend


    look in my gallery

    sugar gliders!! the one at the top of page one is panda. you can see her on my shoulder on page two. that's ashes with my bag of weed in her teeth.
  4. I think there have been threads like this before, but what the hell.

    heres my Dog. No, I don't "smoke my dog out", but how high does she look in this picture?

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  5. i hav had these 2 gold fish for like 6 years. one of them used to be silver and they had names, but the silver one turned gold and i cant tell them apart.
  6. What the hell is that you've got there sodomized? It's like, a squirrel, but way way cooler. That's so awesome.
  7. My mali Usromastyx- I love this guy, he's like a little dinosaur to me.

  8. My doggie. She's a Minature Pincher and a Boston Terrier mix.

  9. wow my fax, fucking sweet pets man. what kind of dog/cat is that?
  10. [​IMG]

    Thats my cat, we call her Grey cause everyone was to lazy to pick out a real name. I dont know what she's doing there, but shes my girl!:D

  11. Looks like she's doing aerobics.
  12. Aww! I know, isn't it great to look at them while you're baked and realize you have a direct ancestor of the dinosaurs in your basement/house/wherever your cage is?

    I keep leopard geckos & salamanders.

    Can you tell me about your guy's diet? Mostly vegetarian, right?

  13. Here's our cat, Casey. She's pretty reserved, especially since we got the dog, but she gets really annoying when you're alone with her. She's pretty cool. (she's fucked up on catnip in this pic ;))
    Here's the dog, Baxter. Part German Shepherd, part Yellow Lab with some Border Collie or something, lol nobody knows for sure. He's very protective of family. Gets a little riled up at times but he's loyal and cool.
  14. [​IMG]
    Small pic but hes sooo coool.

  15. Yea man, just a few crickets every couple of weeks- besides that it is mostly green leafy vegetables, and other veggies, every now and than a fruit.

  16. yeah sugar gliders are sorta like flying squirrels

    gliding from limb to limb and whatnot.

    haha meng they are the coolest ever i love them! right now i'm smoking a bowl at my desk, they're crawling all over me. they're my first pet :poke:
  17. [​IMG]

    She was almost 4 years old. I had to have her humanely euthinized because she was in such terrible shape from Metabloic Bone Disease and an upper respitory problem. :( I +Repped the person with the Mali Uromastyx because I lvoe them. They basically have the same needs at bearded Dragons but eat more fruits and vegies than crickets and worms.
  18. Aww, that really sucks Smokentoke420. Sounds like you made the right decision in having her euthanized. That's the most beautiful lizard I've ever seen before, what a shame.

  19. Thanks, that means alot to me to here that I did, in fact, do the right thing for her and that I raisied a beautiful lizard :)

    Here's a funny pic of her :)


  20. DUDE I WANT 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D :D :D

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