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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by punkyworld, Jun 2, 2003.

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  1. damn being broke sucks... any thoughts?
  2. What\'s even worse is being in debt. It sucks.
  3. Ya just have to remember that there are always people out there who are in worse shape than you. Life can be hard sometimes, but you have to keep on keeping on....
  4. Yup....I\'m broke too. It sucks. :(

  5. amen man...
  6. Yeah, I\'m slowly but surely learning to cope with not having much money........but material possessions come and\'s the memories, love, and happiness that make my life worthwhile!!!

    *****And bills with debt on top of it sucks to say the least!!!!!!
  7. Anyone want my bills?

    I paid out 23,683.00 dollars last month. I always pay between 23,000.00 and 30,000.00 dollars a month.

    I may not be completely broke right at the moment, but I have seen days when the kids eat and I did with out!!!

  8. LOL I can laugh at that cause I dropped the anchor *in that boat a while ago!
    :/ it does bring you down though..

    good luck to any and all who are trying to dig outta that hole. *I* know you need it
  9. Can weedless be considered \"broke\"? I got the money but i can\'t find a seller.
  10. im not totally broke.... goes every cent i own goes into \'business\' or my hopefully new s4,,,,,
  11. I don\'t have a lot of money, either. When I think about what I don\'t have and start to feel sorry for myself, I go visit someone in a nursing home,any nursing home. Then I remember that their income potential is over. I have 30-40 years left for making income. I\'m not saying that I do this a lot--I whine about shit as well as anyone! But I have done this a few times and it has changed my perspective a lot.

  12. yep too true. but us poor folk dont need oxfam ads guilt tripping us because there are poorer peeps out there... especially when there are also much richer folks who could easily aford.

    :) yeah.
    uh.... so what are we all doing rotting our memories away with the herb for then!? jk lol suppose we all making up for it with love and happiness.
  13. Yeah, I\'m broke right now-it does suck. But, we should have some money rolling in fairly soon. At least I have a good amount of weed and a decent apartment and all I need to survive. But, I\'m used to not having a lot of money. I think it would be worse to have been really rich and to have lost all your money than to be used to being poor or middle class.

    I just try and be thankful for what I have!

  14. yup, gotta keep the love alive:)
  15. We\'ve been on top of the pile and under the pile and are currently digging our way out of a new pile....

    I like it better at the top, but we always manage.....

    it\'s only reeeeeaaaaalllllyyyyy bad when we can\'t afford the green, which THANKFULLY!!! is not very often lately...

    EDIT: and it really sucks when for whatever reason the cable bill is late and we get cut off from the net....! Bastards! :p
  16. I\'m thankful that I don\'t have any debt. But I hate having to live from paycheck to paycheck... and they arn\'t ever that much... usually the day I get them their gone from the ganja and some bills..
  17. i think i might have offended money somehow. they just don\'t like me. i gotta bust my back to get some, and when i have them, i get some kind of allergic reaction that causes me to blow them straight away on some halfbrained spur-of-the-moment shit.

    the last 2 months have been really awfull. i worked way to little in march and april. after rent, phone, food, electicity there\'s been virtually nothing left. not to mention people who owe me money, but are broke themselves. and i owe people money, so they are broke too. damn.

    luckily i get an installment from some debt today, i pay off some of mine tomorrow, and two weeks from now a huge paycheck + vacation money + tax return money dumps into my account.

    i\'m gonna be rich again. filthy rich i tell ya. muahahahaha.

    and then i\'m going to amsterdam and blow it all :)

    goddamn, i hate money. i hate talking about it. whenever i do a jobdeal (freelancer), talking money makes me squimish.
  18. i know this is pandoras and not the spirophilo section but....

    money ... gah!

    capitalism, big GAH!

    capitalists realised... \"oh, we\'ve taken all their money, how can we possably get more?\" then someone comes up with the genius idea.. \"hey, why dont we take the money they dont have yet?\" \"genious!\" sez the executive director of capitalism.corp


    it sux. it truely does.

  19. just got my small installment of debt today. yippi. but wait, it\'s mostly gone now. paid a parking ticket, phone bill and some personal debt of my own... less than 15% of it is left. atleast it\'s enough for me to get drunk on staurday, barely :)

    what is money anyways. it\'s just numbers in a system. all my income goes from others bankaccount into mine through wires and computers. then i got to look at the number from my e-bank account and smile for like 2 seconds, until i enter in a few numbers and shuffle my mony from my account to somebody elses. one of these days cash will only be a fond memory.
  20. if all else fails?

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