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The Official Paul Banks Appreciation thread

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Veggietales, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. For all of those out there who appreciate him as much as I....


  2. Fuck that guy
  3. YESSSS!!! I love Paul, he's a great guy. I once blew nugs with him :smoke:

  4. that's not the only thing you blew with him....

  5. what? :confused: ew
  6. Made me laugh haha

    edit- Your avatar, BUBBLESSS

    -the bong is so smooth you don't know how high you're getting until its too late
  7. It's a trap...
  8. looks like he uses to many pedals
  9. I blow a lot of nugs with him. And party with him in NYC. And because of him I now spend a lot of time doing my hair. He even signed a napkin for me and if you don't believe me I will take a picture of it
  10. Not to be a dick, but this is definitely in the wrong section...

  11. So are 75% of the other threads.
  12. Congrats on contributing to the problem.
  13. Who the fuck is Paul banks?
  14. where's wild will when you need him

  15. I'll make sure to post in the music section next time.

    And no that wasn't sarcasm lol
  16. It would be very much appreciated if that is where this belongs. Im still confused who this guy is because neither of you will explain who he is

  17. Idk, some troll kid on the forums is like beating off to smoking with him. According to wikipedia he is some musician.
  18. So just because everyone else is jumping off a building, you felt the need to do the same? :D

    He's apparently the lead singer, lyricist, and guitarist for Interpol...but I have no idea wtf that has to do with Ranger Smith's posts about him & this forum.

  19. I'm guessing you didn't read ranger smith's posts about "blowing mad nugs with him."

    At first it was kind of funny, now he is just killing it

  20., must've missed those. Not that I'm exactly inclined to believe his claims anyway :rolleyes:

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