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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by LonerStoner, May 29, 2003.


Are you as bored as me right now?

  1. Yes

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  2. no

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  3. Your annoying

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  4. i ran outta weed

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  1. The the word official make the thread special or something?
    It looks pretty fucking stupid. Theres like 5 or 6 \"official threads\". I just thought i would waste your time for a while.
  2. Yeah I\'m pretty bored too. And down to my last lil\'bowl. That is the worst feeling to know you are out of weed after this bowl and not being sure when you\'re going to get some more.
    But I will talk to you if you are bored and want to.
  3. MJ is a great cure for boredom!
  4. Yes it is but im out.
  5. aww, LonerStoner, I feel for ya\' man! I\'d send you a bowl if I could. Unfortunately, they don\'t have a Linux port for that protocol yet. ;)
  6. god i think people have gone way too far with the officials threads... they are getting annoying! official everything ....god! too far people!
  7. Personally I like knowing that a thread is official before I take the time to post on it. Who wants to waste time posting to non-official threads? No fucking substitutes here.
  8. Digit has hatched a plan out of the tedium of countless \"official\" threads....

    watch this space...

    well.... not actuall this space... but a space near here.

  9. Thanks for making that officially known Digit....
  10. Goddamnit im still bored and weedless!
  11. im bored.. but not weedless.. :smoke:

    although, good things come to those who wait..
  12. At least you have some weed to smoke
    feel sorry for us who havent smoked in 3 days
    oh man i hate being dry
    Dont fly 2 high
  13. Damn, this is an old thread. It\'s officially pointless.
  14. Thats why i am friends with Mr Budwieser.

  15. Screw Mr Budweiser....Sensi and I can tell you that Mr Miller is cooler to hang with!!! :p
  16. Yea, if you want your beer to taste like Piss.

    Miller is bottom rung beer to me. For domestic, id rather take a Coors over a Miller. ::Shudders when thinks of Miller Taste::

    Just opinion, i once met a guy who liked Miller.

    I cant Support Rusty Wallace over my man in the number 8 car. That car has made Bud alot of money.
  17. My beer doesn\'t taste like piss, thank you very much! :p
  18. You must not be drinking Miller then.

    Theres a Miller brewery pretty close by here. There a PBR one too, now PBR is a good beer.

  19. Um... <big>ALL</big> beer tastes like piss. Period! LOL!
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