The Official Official Official Funyun Thread

Discussion in 'General' started by labyrinth, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. who in here LOVES funyuns???




  2. whoa....

    my life seriously just gained a whole new meaning.

    I MUST find these.

    you all think I'm kidding
  3. fuck em.

    they taste good, but only for the first few (maybe one bag if your high,lol), and then its a huge salt overload which lingers in your mouth for hours and enhances the cotton mouth 100x over. plus theyll kick up your cholesteral bringing you one step closer to a heart attack, and the way im going i have to at least eat healthy.

    EDIT: OOOOOHHH, wasabi! who gives a shit.

    one of you didnt vote.
  4. i voted hahaha!!

    i love them bastards and my metabolism is for 10 people so im good,
    just like a plant, but instead of weekly i flush my body daily with 3 gallons of water so the sodium isnt soo bad:rolleyes:
  5. Yeah, just a few at a time so I don't have a stroke. You don't taste anything past the first few, anyway. I must try the wasabi though.

    It's hard to find fresh ones, too. Every time I buy them they are stale as hell
  6. i used to love them and eat them constantly. Then one day i opened a pack and jsut the smell made me nauseous. i cant eat them any more or i will throw up.
  7. well its not so much about the fat factor, its more that i smoke too much and have actually been seeing some symptoms of a heart attack, lol. sharp pains in left arm and chest pains...cant be good, i got scared last time that happened and have been watching my diet. i did some reading and it turns out that nicotine actually crystalizes in your arteries and clogs them so i really cant be adding on to that...

    i hope thats not tap water your drinking :rolleyes:
  8. wasabi funyuns are FUCKING AMAAAAAAZING, just like ALL funyuns ALWAYS are!
  9. they are very tastey but they only have 1 kind by me :mad:

    that and they make ur breath taste bad:( so overall i dont eat funyuns much

    i stick to the sour cream and onion:)
  10. Most def sour cream and onion. Never had a funyun, I was never a fan of 'onion' anything, unless it's sour cream and onion chips w/ french onion dip. Then it's chill, other then that, the sight/smell/taste of onion makes me gag.

  11. Sour cream and onion breath is way sexier than funyun breath:p
  12. hellz yeah, too bad I'm too poor to buy chips :p. HOWEVER, I do have.. popcorn! I want to try a Funyun now for some reason though, they look good.
  13. They make my stomach grumble. I can not eat these things, and than not shit within a hour.
  14. hahaha LMAO!:cool:
  15. indeed:hello::eek:

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