The Official No More Official Threads Thread.

Discussion in 'General' started by Bobbert, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. They never become official.
  2. Amen, brotha-man!!:hello:
  3. Is this a trick thread? muwahaha! :smoke:

  4. Well, sure they do! You just have to pay all the mods a one time only fee of a 1/4 oz. of White Widow. So far, no one has actually paid for an official thread :(
  5. thsi thread will die with the rest of them! muahahahahahahah!!




    HA! :D

  6. Oooooohhhhhhhh... so that is how it gets done. And here I was trying to make it rain from the sky like... well... uh... rain, I guess. :p
  7. haha, thats funny

  8. You haven't learned how to collect on that yet, huh??? ;) I'll make sure I teach you the tricks! It's fun making those official threads truly official! :D
  9. Shit Rummy... You better let me in on that secret. I haven't smoked White Widow in AGES! That's one of my favorite strains of all time *drools*

    And just for the record... The official how to pass a DT thread has been made official, and also how to make hash, and the how to make a lightbulb vap as well... So there have been a few actual official official threads :D

    I'm still waiting for my 1/4's of WW though... I need Rummy to teach us how to collect those debts...

    Unless... She's stashin it all for herself!

    Rummy... Don't make me get the bong and feathers... AGAIN!!! >=)

  10. RMJL's been holding out on us! I say roadtrip to Tennessee to get this White Widow we rightly deserve! Horrah!
  11. Shit... I'm down... Who's comin with?
  12. im goin! as long as i get at least a 1/8
  13. I tried to get my salvia "official" thread posted as a sticky---if a mod can that would be awesome :)

    heres the link:

    I put a lot of work into this thread to hopefully educate some people out there that wish to know more about this plant and its effects. I've noticed a lot of people keep making threads about salvia e.t.c. and this offical thread I made about salvia basically covers all their questions.


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