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Basketball The Official NBA Thread

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by Dickie4:20, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. Fuck you GS

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    Can’t even beat bitch ass Boston
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  2. I know coach Walton said they won't mess with Lonzo's shot this season. But at this point I say why not? It can't possibly get any worse. Some tweaking can possibly help.
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  3. I don't understand how Ingram is such a bad free throw shooter. The mechanics are there. Got to fix that. We can't have this team shooting 70 freaking percent from the line.
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  4. I just want to say lb is a crybaby bitch and would have his ass handed to him if he played before the NBA pussied up
  5. Most players would. NBA is hilariously soft compared to the 80’s and before. pushing a guy or deliberately slapping someone’s hand is a fine or maybe even a suspension now.. I can only imagine how the guys who had to face the Bad Boys at their peak feel about the league now
  6. Not good....
  7. Jah finally gets traded, to the Nets for Trevor Booker
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  8. Hasn’t even played yet this season but it’ll be a lot easier to get minutes on the Nets. I don’t know if he’s still hurt or not... hope not
  9. na he ain't hurt
  10. Watching some 80's ball and there's so many less stoppages. It's nice

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  11. That’s good. Nets are bad so hopefully he’ll be able to do something there, get some minutes and touches. It’s always a shame when such a high pick like him is just not playing after a few years drafted
  12. Ye be nice.

    Apparently hes trimmed down , changed his whole diet up, and since his explosiveness or lack thereof was always a weakness of his game maybe that has improved but never got to really see as he only got into fucking 2 games
    but at last
    JAH is FREE
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  13. Ingram was poop tonight. Worst game of the season for him. Kuzz balled like always. Luke's 4th qtr rotations are suspect af.
  14. Porzingus putting the hammer down last night

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  15. How about them Rockets

    Steamrolled our way to our 11th straight win tonight. Chris Paul and Harden are an amazing duo. WCF bound
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  16. Watchin these throwback Kobe games on NBA network.

    Currently watching Lakers/Celtics and these Boston commentators are soooo annoying I damn near have to mute my tv.

    Boston should not be allowed to commentate.

    Fuck I hate Boston

    Fuck Boaton

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  17. They've been known to claim "Jerk of the Week" from time to time.
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    Dare I say it? Beasley has been ballin out lately

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  19. No surprises here. Thru the first 30 games of the season Spurs have the best defense.

    (Albeit Celtics are right behind them).
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