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Basketball The Official Nba Thread

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by Dickie4:20, Oct 8, 2009.

  1. #1 Dickie4:20, Oct 8, 2009
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    Celtics preseason starts tonight!:D

    The teams who are favored to win the 2009-2010 Championship imo-


    We'll see where this basketball season takes us!
  2. Lakers WILL repeat. I'm calling it right here and right now.
  3. Yup, Lakers repeat.

    Cav's lose in 6 games in the finals.
  4. Ron artest had 12pts 9boards and 7assists tonight, ARIZA WHO??

    Im really feeling our squad this year. Oh and that shannon brown dunk on mikki moore was a facial.
  5. Guys.. its fucking pre-season.

    Everyone is saying the lakers are going to repeat so dont think your going out on a limb or something. I'm just glad to see kevin garnett back and healthy.. if he hadn't of gotten hurt last year it coulda been totalllyyy different. Anywho.. it will become clear towards the end of the year that the lakers have no bench because everyone is gonna be dead exausted like the C's were last year.
  6. Dang idk about this year. Anything can happen! Hella times are stacked! The finals are probably gonna be Lakers and Cavs, but Lakers will probably win. Hope this season will be better for the warriors though..
  7. Celtics all the way. KG is back, Rondo is now one of the best PG's in the league, Perkins/Baby/House had BIG moments in the playoffs and they picked up RASHEED WALLACE.

  8. Huh? How do you figure? Every bench player we had last year is back and they're all pretty young. We won a championship with that bench so comparing them to Bostons sorry ass bench is illogical.

    And who said we were going out on a limb? Me and Phat toi are two of the many Laker fans who called a championship before the start of last year so i dont know what your point is. With your old ass squad haha.
  9. rondo one of best pg's in the league??? gahahahah

    the nba season is a grueling one. if the lakers can stay healthy they will repeat

  10. Oh man was Artest a fun dude to have on our squad. I'm going to miss him, but seriously Ariza is gunna tear it up with bigger role in our offense. Oh, and we would have beat ya'll if it wasn't for Artest jacking up 3s for NO reason at all during the 2nd round. That and Yao breaking his damn foot.
    But ya the Lakers are stacked, prob coming out of the West if SA doesn't take em out. I wouldn't count them out. But for real as much as it pains me to say this I think it's Lebron's year.
    Oh and btw I can't stand the Lakers, tryin real hard not to hate. :D Peace
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    Went to see the Celtics play the Knicks at home last night. It was a good time, Celtics won and i got drunk with some cute chicks. Celtics played everyone, including the rookies. Wallace looked o.k....in the first half he straight up sucked, ppl started booing him n shit lol. By the second half he seemed more comfortable and started bangin 3's like it was nothin'. The team has a lot of work to do though, but im sure they'll start to gel together soon enough.

    Oh and i got Tony Allen's autograph, so it was a good night for sure.

    Cant wait for the regular season to begin!:)
  12. Lakers Alllll the fucking way! Im eager to see how kobe & artest are going to deal with each other, but im pretty sure artest wants A ring as bad as kobe would like one for each finger from hands to toes :).
  13. Nets fan here. ewwww yeah i know, right? well here are some things to think about for the nets commin up. they were just purchased by the second richest owner in the nba, and he happens to be an avid basketball fan. he has told the press how he wants to improve the nets as much as possible; including the most expensice sporting venue in the country being built for the nets in brooklyn (paid for by the new owner). Our total salaries are going to be so low due to the depature of Vince and Kidd over the past few years and all of the expiring contracts in 2010. A combo the new owner was quoted of favoring to move to the nets... "LeBron and Bosh". And dont forget Jay-z still has his share of the nets. Hmmm.... arnt Jay and Bron pretty good friends? Theres a lot to be looking forward to in NJ, and I havnt even mentioned the talet we already have (Lopez will will put up 15 and 10 every night, courtney lee, devin harris, all soon to be all stars.) We have proven talent and more to come. Frank needs to get the hell outta NJ, we need a real coach. And Just remember, i never said the Nets are the best team in the NBA, but they will be improving steadily for several years to come.

    No Hate,
  14. Mavs 2010 Champs.. see you guys in 8 months
  15. Harris is a future All Star but Lee and Lopez? Baha
  16. i wouldnt be so quick to dissmiss my claim. Lopez was in the running for ROY pretty legit..... i would be SHOCKED if he doesnt devolop into an all star in the next 5 years.
  17. Lets Go Hawks!
  18. im having to call my boys the C's. KG is back and PP is acting like hes young again. im not saying were gonna dominate but i know itll be alot funner to watch than last year. Plus maybe we can give the lakers an actual Finals round instead of the early celebration round that orlando gave you
  19. Supposedly Bostons going to win 72 games this year..
  20. Go Hawks. Jeff Teague gone fuck some shit up.

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