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The Official Manchester United Thread

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by HIGH IQ, May 28, 2010.

  1. Yeah, delighted with the 3-0, we played really well, Scholes especially, and some of our passing was out of this world. Thought Hernandez, Rooney and Berbatov all looked sharp to as well Nani and Valencia playing really well.
    Great start to the season.

  2. After today though. I think the lack of a strong attacking force in the Central Midfield showed heavily.

    Regardless of SAF's I think too much was coming from the wings. Scholes is great, no doubt. But there was no real attacking support in the midfield. Scholes isnt even a CAM hes a CDM. Hopefully Carrick will show up this season.

    I think Darren Gibson is a top notch prospect in his position (CDM). He will certainly replace Scholes.

    Nani is great in his position as always.

    But in my honest opinion. Although Valencia plays well. He is no #7. He is no Best, no Cantona, no Beckham, and certainly no Ronaldo. This team NEEDS a number seven. Its the magic number, its THE number, and Owen is not cutting it.

    People say Hernandez might fill that role. But I dont think hes a number 7. With a little more time and training. Id say that the next big number 7 could be Gabriel Obertan. I hope it is. That kid has magic.

    Evans looked alright. He will fit in perfectly. He just needs another season.

    Rafael...well he still isnt impressing me actually.

    Javier Hernandez looked good. He couldnt get in the game, but he still looked good.

    Oddly enough. I think Berbatov has FINALLY stepped it up. I expect him to be a big player this season. Hes no Rooney, but he brings his own unique style to the team, and he brings a new aspect to the attacking third.

    Rooney on the other hand just looked kind of bad, he was good in movement for the most part. But his finishing needs dusting off.

    Vidic also looked alright. But still pretty rusty.

    Van Der Sar looked good.

    Evra looked on top of things for the most part. Hopefully hes not hurt.

    The RB position looks to be shaky though. Neville is an old man, and O'Shea isnt THAT good.
  3. I agree with most that you said, but I don't think we particularly need a new attacking midfielder. Scholes operates well enough in the holding playmaker role to mean we don't need one, he can spread the play and create chances as well as get onto the edge of the box in support (as seen in the 1st goal with the assist) well enough for us not to need one. And as we saw tonight, Berbatov can drop off into that hole well and help carve out changes. And I think Park can do a good job as a creative playmaker when SCholes isn't playing, he did it really well for Korea in the world cup.
    Also, I think Valencia is going to be one of our most crucial players this season, he's a perfect conventional winger, he can beat his man with pace and strength and has a great delivery, as well as coming inside and playing a pass.
    And for our RB, I think Rafael will develop into a great right back over this season.
    And I agree that Rooney wasn't on top form, but he'll get better as he gets more game time.

  4. Im concered mainly with the workloads. Scholes is a little old to carry the entire team.

    Hell, Ronaldo in his prime probably couldnt have single handedly carried the team. He played a major role in the succeses, but he had great players, in great form around him.

    Its the same situation with Berbatov. Until Rooney gets out of this slump, then hes on his own. JH is good, but he is no Rooney, not yet at least.

    Id rather see Park in Fletchers role right now actually now that you mention him.

    Park and Scholes in the midfield seems more solid to me. I think Park has really shown up these past few seasons.

    He was able to mark Pirlo in the CL last year, and totally shut him down ALL match.
  5. MMM, but Fletcher is our best midfielder, I don't think park is physical enough to operate in there in the premiership, but you're right in saying that Scholes is too old to be the only central midfielder playmaker and we will need a replacement soon, I think Sir Alex might try and get Bebe to come into that role, he seems able to pick a pass and unlock a defence.
    But for now, the CAM role isn't that much of a concern, especially seeing as we have so many excellent forwards, we've got Rooney, Berba, Macheda, Hernandez and Owen so we should be alright for getting goals and creating chances from the wings.
  6. I know think that if Scholes can extend his games this year along side fletch with berbs up top with wazza we could win the league back. Its gonna be a strange year with the possible departing of scholes neville giggs and vds at the end of the season and with a tight financial hold which saw us lose the ozil fight with real I think it could be a suprising season
  7. Anybody else feel like scholes is going to have a big year? This season he will prove why he is legend still at such an old age.

    Really looking forward to seeing hernandez grow with the team. He is the only recent young prospect that has excited me. Too bad Nani and Anderson flopped.

    I agree completely that we need a magical midfielder. Bring Montolivo to Old Trafford!

  8. SAF doesnt sign Italians at his age, Im surprised that Macheda is on the team. He just doesnt do it. Just like he really doesnt sign Germans at a higher age either. I was doubtful he would sign Ozil at all.

    SAF's system has been the same since its inception. He starts with them young, and idealy from his youth system, or from his (youth clubs) such as North End.

    If Obertan can get that Man U "Star" mentality. He will blossom in to the next big thing.

    His dribbling is incredible. Not due to its base effectiveness but in that how creative it is. I dont think defenders have seen moves like this ever before. With a little more time, he will be able to beat even the likes of a Vidic in his prime with ease.

    You cant teach creativity. Hes a hard worker too. If he can get crossing down, as well as finishing, He will be our magical #7 Winger.

    If he can do those things, all SAF has to do is hand him the #7.

    He is already the #7 on the reserve team (what does that tell you?)

    Gibson, Evans, and Obertan are my three favorite prospects as of now. Im not what to think of Smalling at this point.
  9. 1 more think on the creative midfielder front, we keep forgetting Anderson, who I think definitely has the potential to develop into one of the best creative midfielders on the planet, he's just been plagued with injury last season and fell out with Sir Alex but I think all that is behind them both. He's creative, can pick a pass, can run well with the ball and is fast and decently built.
    I have full faith in Sir Alex and where he's taking the club.
  10. Obertan has impressed but he still has a couple years to go. He wont be a star this season but will def grow into one.
  11. Can you do me a favour and not call United 'Man U', I don't know why people say that, it's a term City fans used to use when taunting us about the Munich air disaster in the 60's, so it's pretty insulting and is just what ignorant Americans call my team.
  12. City are pathetic. I thought we all had reached an agreement to ignore the super rich failure of a club....

    Manu is just a convienent shorter nickname.

    Oh, and fuck city.
  13. It's more convenient but it's also a reference to the worst day in the club's history where 5 or 6 players died...
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    Ill stick to just United.

    I remember for a long time I was unaware that the black sox are actually a sign of respect/mourning for the lost players, and the whole incident in general. EDIT: (come to think of that statement is highly debatable, if im correct they wore black soxs before the air disater)

    Black sox look better Ive always thought anyway.

  15. Personally, I think in the next year or two, after Carrick, and Fletcher are gone. That Anderson and Gibson will run the midfield. Gibson playing the defensive role, and Anderson playing attack.

    Im seeing the future something like. Rafael, Smalling (maybe), Evans, Either Fabio, OR, in the future I think the next big cash drop will be on Gareth Bale (hate me if you want, he's the British Maicon in my eyes).

    Thats the back 4.

    Then, Obertan, Anderson, Gibson, (LW position is still a toss up for me, But given the current lineup I could see Nani staying for years, OR, maybe Hernandez moving in to that role, if the transfer market isnt tapped)

    Theres your midfield.

    For the two strikers up top (im using a 4-4-2 mind you) its a total toss up. After Rooney is gone, which he will go eventually, I dont see him at United forever, it could be any one of the billion strikers that seem to be on the roster currently.

    But I really hope Obertan gets a lot of attention from the training staff. Ive never, ever, seen dribbling like that. Im not sure if you can even call it that. With a little refining and confidence... Who knows. All I can say is that it is just plain clever.

    Ronaldo, Zidane, Christiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, even Nani. Just some examples of people who are known for dribbling in the last 10-15 years and had little tricks they did that were for the most part THEIRS. IMO Obertan is doing things with his dribbling that are good enough for him to actually coin them as his own moves. Clever little flicks, back heels, movement confusion, his eye contact... It goes on and on. He can obviously make the space for himself, lets just see how he starts to use it.
  16. I totally agree with you on our future defence, but I think Fletch, Valencia and Nani all still have a good 5 years at least left in them. Not too sure about Obertan though, I hope he proves me wrong but I don't think he'll quite be able to make it in the Premiership. And I don't like getting carried away with hype but I do think Hernandez could become one of the best strikers in the world, he's so similar to Solskjaer in his pace and finishing!
  17. You are my Solskjaer,
    my Ole Solskjaer,
    You make me happy,
    when skies are grey.

    I miss ol Oli. On a positive note, how awesome are the Uniteds kits this year? Its like a throwback to the 70s.

  18. I think everyone is just happy theres finally a collar lol.
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    Didnt notice this until I just posted it..find the mini bong in the picture hahaha
  20. Yeah i'm loving the kits this year, but my favorite will always be the 1999 red kit when the sponsor was Sharp. Always loved that kit...

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