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Discussion in 'All Sports' started by HIGH IQ, May 28, 2010.

  1. Im a big fan.

    Whats everyones thoughts right now about the future of the team.

    My opinion...

    SAF chased off too much talent after the CL win.

    Although his system has always been 4-4-2 and has run on keeping his midfielders and defenders on the team for a long time, and then replacing wingers and strikers, I think he made some premature transfers and now doesnt have the players to fill the gaps.

    Also I believe after Rooney was gone and they were beaten, I believe their champion mentality started to really fade.

    I think next year will be a down year, and then the reds will resurge. Thats how it usually is. Man U dominates for 2-3 years, someone else wins a title or two then its back to the Man U dominance.

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    Its a very strange time for Manchester United with the club struggling with apparent debts totalling of 800mill as well as this calls from fans that the current team is not good enough.

    Heres my opinion.
    1)The glazers brought on the debt when they bought the club . They had to borrow to cover the lack of funds they needed to buy our club. So in this they have royally fucked up even before arriving at the club. They need to go.
    2) Our team is not good enough. Finishing a point behind Chelsea is a good achievement considering ourt off season. But it also highlighted the need for support for Wayne. We need a minimum 2 players. I was hoping that Berbatov would be off but it seems that Fergie is way to stubbon to let another 30 mill down the drain. We need a central midfielder. Not just your ordinary Carrick or Huddlestone. WE NEED A WORLD CLASS PLAYMAKER.
    Simple as Arsenal-Fabregas (for now) Chelsea-Lampard
    Liverpool-Gerrard Spurs-Modric Man United-Carrick ??
    Not good enough. Im hoping that a bid for either Gourcuff or Modric will be made but Im pessimistic. Also we need a new Left sided winger. Nani is good and Obertan has promise but we need a new Giggs style player. Someone with a bit of magic. Problem is there arnt enough good left sided midfielders left. Give Tosic a go?..Why not.
    We are in trouble of falling behind both domestically and in the European competitions. With Villa already at Barca and Cesc almost likely. Im very worried about Barca next season. With Man Citys wealth and Chelseas re-emergence.

    Man United need to catch up or face another failed year.

    P.s nice to have a fellow United fan on GC thought this place was full of yanks. No offence but you kinda fucked up our team a bit.

  3. Scholes and Carrick play side by side.

    Scholes is the man with the magic. Most Premiership players say he is the most complete player they have played with or against, he does it all.

    But yes.

    There is a ton of talent out there.

    My thoughts if I were in SAF's shoes.

    RB/LB - Get Fabio and Rafael in position to be stars right away. Trial by fire would be good in these up coming tour matches. They need to be CL ready and capable in at least 2 years. Id love to see them grab Gareth Bale.

    CB - Also I think Mamadou Sakho (Mamadou Sakho - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) would be a great replacement for Ferdinand. Hopefully Vidic has long years left in him.

    LW/RW - Find a winger to replace Valencia or Nani (in the future). Aaron Lennon could be good. I think Spurs always produce some great british talent.

    FW - Start training some Strikers to play with and at some point replace rooney. I really like Giovani Dos Santos (Giovani dos Santos - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) I think he would be great at Man U, he would sponge up the champion/star mentality. I also like Obafemi Martins, but he was recently sold to Bolton.

    In the midfield however. They need a Pirlo/Gattuso relationship.

    Someone who can score a goal from anywhere and create attacking plays, like a Xavi or a Fabregas. Then someone to dominate the midfield like Gattuso, someone mean, and someone who has a heart for the team and will tackle simply in vengence.

    Just my thoughts.

    Gourcuff is an interesting idea. Milan should have held on to him in the deal.

    I think Diego could be ripped from juve. He would be worth the money if he got in form.
  4. Simple as we need a goalscoring midfielder we havn't had one of those for a while

    Carrick is not good enough. Hes not bad but hes not good hes just plain average. And this club ain't about being average.

  5. Thats not the SAF system.

    Wingers and Strikers are his game. There is a reason why they havent had that midfielder you speak of. Scholes was as close as you are going to get to that with them.

    Fergie holds on to his back four and midfielders for a longgg time. But he quickly goes through world class strikers and wingers every few years.
  6. You have a point there, however I feel that the midfield at the moment is our big weakness.
    In case you didnt know Fletcher was our top scoer last season with 4 goals from midfield.
    4 GOALS !!!!!!
  7. Check out this article.

    Fergie keen to see trio stay on - Premier League News - FOX Sports on MSN

    I seriously doubt he really thinks Wes Brown, John O'shea, and Darren Fletcher are going to really make an impact. They are all as old as Rio or Vidic. Or Carrick and Scholes for that matter.

    I think anybody that SAF brings in is usually great, maybe besides Berbatov, which seemed more like a quick fix, as was Valencia.

    I really like this Diouf guy. I think he is going to pan out.
  8. Diouf seem slike an interesting player should had a better run out last season.
    Also we've got this Mexican guy whos on fire for Mexico at the mo and looks a real gem.

    [ame=]YouTube - [/ame]
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    He looks promising from that video.

    Theres a lotttt of skill, but also a lot of assisting. A lot of being in the right place at the right time.

    He is going to need a lot of support from the wingers and some from the center mids as well.

    Here is a video of Diouf. Ive only heard things, but after seeing this Im convinced that he is going to be a star.

    [ame=]YouTube - Mame Biram Diouf - The New Man Utd Signing[/ame]

    Im pretty much sold on Diouf, Hernandez.

    Id like to see what Chris Smalling is all about and how he performs.

    SAF is going to really need to flex the scouts and the bank to get a world class Winger like Beckham or Ronaldo. Nani just doesnt have the crosses, nor does Valencia.

    Im also wondering what the story on Anderson is. He is really just has to much potential to throw out.
  10. Yeah Anderson is a strange situation we find ourselves with. Hes shown some amazing promise but has yet to really hold his own. Whereas Nani has just about saved his United career.
    I like the look of diouf and was at the game against burnley where he scored. Could be a cracker. Hernandez is also a very promising guy be good to see him in the WC this summer.

    I feel that the youngsters we have will hopefully form a good nucleus for the future. However they wont be able to grow with the likes of Carrick and Berbatov still in the team.
  11. Next season is going to be very interesting. I think provided we don't lose Vidic this summer our defence looks set for the next couple of seasons with Evans and Smalling to look forward to in a few years and Rafael will improve loads too.
    Midfield is where we need a major overhaul I think, Nani and Valencia are both top quality now but another good winger wouldn't go amiss, we really need 2 top quality central midfielders. Carrick isn't good enough, Hargreaves has been injured so long (hopefully he can come back) and Scholes is getting too old. I think Van Der Vaart would be the best option as a signing to make, we've only really got Fletcher who is a top quality central midfielder who isn't over 33...
    Up front I think Berbatov will start playing well next season, he's got all the quality he's just not got the confidence, but signing Benzema or Bojan certainly would not go amiss on top of the Hernandez signing...
  12. I completely agree on your points about the defence and midfield. Our defence is settled and backed up. As long as Vida stays for a bit.
    Our mid is fucked up with Fletcher being are really only mainstay guy in central.
    Im hoping Berba will fix up his act as I was happy when we signed him but if he dosnt then we could be fucked
  13. Thing about Berba is that everyone knows he has all the skill and talent in the world, he just seems to be so lazy and unwilling to put in a shift for the team. But towards the end of the season he started making an effort and I do hope he can win us all over next year.
  14. Anybody ever notice the nationalities of teams in the premiership based on the coach.

    Liverpool - Spanish
    Arsenal- French
    Man U - British
    Chelsea - Jumbled up
  15. Liverpool-ex spanish
    I cant believe Rafa just robbed Liverpool of 6 mill
  16. Rafa + Gerard + Torres gonna leave Liverpool this summer = Relegation battle for the scouse...

  17. I dont think Gerard will go. Maybe Torres.
  18. Right now this is my Manchester United "Dream Team"


    Rafael, Evans, Sakho, Bale

    Obertan, Muamba, Pjanic, Di Maria

    Aguero, Rooney (if he stays healthy)

    Cut the losses, sell the stars, go young.

    I think Bale, Sakho, and Pjanic, are a must. Thats too much young talent to pass up on.

    Sell off Vidic, and make it trial by fire for them.
  19. wow, did anybody just see that Javier Hernandez goal?
  20. The season has just started.

    Is there anyone else watching the game?

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