The official "I'm Stoned" thread

Discussion in 'General' started by Aconites, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. The rules are simple. You can only post in this thread when you are high (as I am)

    Post whatever your thoughts are.
  2. damn that oil i just smoked left a bad taste in my mouth.
  3. I'm high.
  4. Add #59873 to the title.

    Im stoned, blunt in the wilderness.
  5. i just smoked some resinated dank buds i collected from roaches, im really stoned. im not supposed to be smoking though, being as i may be getting drug tested when i go on parole; o well, fuck the government. its no problem for me anyway, i have niacin and other such things to clense my entire system.
  6. let me correct myself!

    I have some really dank bud, nice bright orange hairs on it, very very dense!

    I'm stoned. Wactching the world cup!
  7. Yep. I'm toasted.

    7 bowls today so far, and I fully intend on rolling a fatty and blazing a few more bowls before I go to bed tonight. I love having weed.

  8. smokin some bud that tastes like fruit loops, just lost my lighter in my hand
  9. im fucking blazeddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
  10. The official search button works wonders!
  11. three6mafia rules. bummed the ivory coast lost. considering writing haikus.
  12. About time we get an OFFICIAL "I'm stoned" thread. Maybe this will reduce some of the moronic and useless threads some of you guys do when you're high.

    By the way, someone sticky this!
  13. Im high and I feel sad because I did it alone because I know its wrong. I mean why do we get high? Its not good for us.

    Does anyone else feel getting high is kinda depressing when you do it alone?
  14. Yeah I kinda know what you mean. Getting high is much more enjoyable with other people.

    I just smoked a faaatasss blunt of purp with my friends. Im watching ren and stimpy right now. This show is fucking genius!
  15. I'm always high, I would have to make this thread my home page.

  16. Im drunk, champagne and sierra nevada. Bout to get stoned. Good sat night GC!
  17. cheer up man, dont judge your happiness on were you are and who you're with. just be happy to be breathing and enjoy that lovely feeling running a bath across the back of your skull.

    btw, im also high as fuck.

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