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The *Official* i'm stoned thread

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Bud Head, Sep 21, 2003.

  1. I'm stoned to the bone..
  2. We'll all be high in a zone

  3. me toooooo:)

  4. Me tooo But Pissed Sorry if i m the odd one out but fuck it Keep Up the drunken behaviour shout outs to all my Pot Heads Obliviot man you gay too the bone but kool i guess Rumjil u a krazy bitch but u kool Digit u some cleaver ass muthafo but u kool fuck it u all kool but still dopey fucks. Still Luv You fuck ups tho give da boss some lovin.
  5. smoked the herb and chewed on a few shrooms; found 'em in my stash box.

    watched house of 1000 corpses

    pretty colors, cool music

    Night of total oneness with the universe. The room is still spinning
  6. If we are alive and breathing, it is indeed a good day.

    We live to toke again
  7. toke on and be excelent to each other.

    love and peace and logic and "comon sence" and feelin the vibes and respecting everyone and no more fucking things up. ... just smoke cannabis... watch a movie, have a cuppa tea, put yer feet up, and stop all this fussin and a warring. we have a world to look after dont you know. this is our home, our childrens home, their childrens home, and the home to every living thing currently resident and the home to all thier future generations too. so can we stop unecessarily ripping it to pieces. Love our planet. We are one. Peace for all.
  8. :stoned:
  9. lol

    YAY!! me too:D

  10. i'll smoke to that:D!!!!!

  11. Sounds like you had a good night! :D

    Ok...why am I here? Oh yeah...I'm officially a stoned insomniac. I'm a stoned official insomniac. I'm an insomniac who's officially stoned. That's the one! That's me!
  12. i'm rocked off my ass, and all thanks to surprise weed that i forgot i had!
  13. i'm not

    mine went bye bye

    *edit, much better thanks to a friend :)
  14. I am headed towards stonerville again right now.. I'll be there before I know it!!



  16. Wow, Digit. I don't know what to say. I guess I wonder if we humans (as a whole) will ever understand this concept. I certainly hope so.
  17. soon........ very soon.......

    edit: there we go!
  18. i'm also stoned gangamom, same as you only i was smoking my bong...being stoned is great, brilliant, the best...puff puff puffing da herb...yea!!!

    smoke weed everyday....yea yea
  19. I'm Blazed !!!
  20. Im so stoned! I got a nice 6 gram bag today, 2 grams of dank purple bud but I dont think its PHaze, then I got 4 grams of nice hydro. Anyways, im baked!

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