The (Official?) "I'm Sorry" Thread

Discussion in 'General' started by flower_child, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. Well, I was looking through the posts in this forum and found a thread called Karmaic Koincidence, where a blade actually apoligized to another blade. It made me feel like apoligizing too, and maybe other blades feel that as well. So this thread is for everyone who feels the need to make an apology to come apoligize to the person they've offended. I'd like to start by apoligizing to smoke rings. I gave him a little bitching out in the beginning about something not worth starting anything over. My apoligies. I hope this thread can heal some scars here in the city.
  2. No offence man.. but just fuckin pm him no1 gives a shit =D
  3. fuck you boredjim
  4. im sorry that i said fuck you boredjim, that was mean and uncalled for.

  5. LOL! Funny shit, man.

  6. LMFAO!! Oh, and I'm sorry, scoobydooby67, for laughing so hard at that.

    But seriously, I do have one more apology to take care of... I just hate pissin' people off... I'm sorry, Rampede, for being the immovable ass that I was in the post about your girlfriend being pregnant. I could have been more understanding.

  7. haha na it was called for i was bein an ass but .. it was just to prove my point .. o_O
  8. I hadn't realized someone had the same avatar as me. :eek:
  9. If I've been OVERLY argumentative to anyone to the point where it gets annoying... I'm sorry...

    I'd send a PM but I don't know who's pissed off if anyone... heh...
  10. Talk to me thursday. It's hard to be sorry when you haven't smoked in weeks.

  11. Im sorry to myself for reading this thread.
  12. [quote name='naku06... From the "Omfg I Have To Quit Or Move!" thread']you sound so "emo" i could puke...[/QUOTE]

    I'm sorry for laughing so hard at that comment... I recently found out what 'emo' means and there's this picture in my mind from the above comment that is friggin' hilarious! And I'm sorry... :eek: :rolleyes: :cool:
  13. LMFAO....

    im dry right guys/gals are getting the "not so nice" side today.
  14. apparently not that many people are sorry about anything

    including me
  15. This place is turning into an emotional mess.
  16. i did my major appology thru a p.m.,,,, on a scirrmish , i got into on someelses thread, when i should have kept my thoughts to myself and stepped on,,,,,,i want name the thread,, i wish it was erased ,,,,, i am not proud of what i said definantly not one of my finer moments,,,,,I PISSED A LOT OF PEOPLE OFF,,,,, and i cant p.m. all of them,,, if any of you visit here,,,,,whom i pissed off on that thread im normally not like that,,,,,,,,, AND I SAY ,, SORRY TO ALL OF YOU,,,,,aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh i feel so better now,,,,,,:p

  17. Yeah seriously... FTL

    ps: If I said everyone pisses me off, would everyone apologize for me in this thread :p ?

  18. Yeah yeah yeah, blow jk.

    Sorry to anyone ive pissed off.....

  19. Apparently, you haven't been paying attention to the caption under my name... :p :D :cool:

  20. [​IMG]

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