The OFFICIAL "Im FUCKED right now thread"

Discussion in 'General' started by MagicHat, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. checkkkk in baldes

  2. i wonder if you will remember making a "im so fucked up thread" tom.
    probably not judging from your grammar there "balde",lol.
    its tuesday and your starting a official im fucked up thread,lol. have fun with that:rolleyes:
  3. smoked some crazy sativa.

    really high and got some fried chicken in the oven.

    lol not fucked but im good :smoke:
  4. I dont make a thread on here everytime Im high, and there is a reason. Imagine if we all made threads about being high whenever we were high:rolleyes:
  5. i obviously aint just high rightnow dowg

  6. Yeah, but none of us really care how high you are. We are all stoners as are most of are friends. So we dont really care, its something that we do enough that it is not a big deal to us.
  7. Smoked a fat blunt of some medical strain called Nice. I am verrry stoned.
  8. i am def fucked right now, i took 20 bong hits in 30 min, i dont even kno if this is real right now, on a 1-10 scale i'd say my high is a 9.5, this freakin intense and amazing, im watchin formula 51 and they;re maikng druygs, its fuckin insane holy tits peace out all, smoke it up and live up, high for life !
  9. noddddddddddddddddddddin. :yummy::yummy::yummy:
  10. [ame=""]YouTube - Dolla - I'm Fucked Up[/ame]

    I'm fucked up. Some brandy some beers some more brandy some pussy and some weed.

    Turn that up thats my favorite. :mug on clean:
  11. "im fucked" thread hahaha.. hilarious but why the fuck not.

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