The Official "I was soooo high, i did (insert ballsy move)" thread

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Retroshark, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. so what things have you guys done that could be considered ballsy while high?

    personally, while high, i hvae done the following:

    the other day i was high and wanted an apple for my drive to the mall. so i pull up infront of my dorm, park in front of the dining hall, like most people do, and ran in for 3 min utes to get an apple. when i got out there was a ticket officer writing me a ticket. i kindly asked if he was putting that on my car, as my cigarette was still burning on the ground after i got outside. he says yes, so i walk over to my car and get inside, and drive off. i just drove away. never got that ticket!

    another time, i was high as shit and wed just had some fire drill or something (there were a million cops and officers outside the building) and i just went up, probably reeking of weed and talked with a police officer.

    another time, well, you guys all saw the video of me getting pulled over. i still think i was pretty ballsy for not slipping up and getting in trouble that night.

    what about you guys¿
  2. I killed a man.
  3. i always get the impulse to buy stupid shit i dont need.... so ive bought some dumb shit because i was too stoned.
  4. i smoked a ghati of stonehenge and went into the corner store and since i had the munchies and had 150$ to spend, so i bought 150$ worth of munchies
  5. I second that..., what? just's the best time to kill someone, cause you hardly remember it at all...

    Good on da conscious man! hahah jk jk

    Well I don't know what I've done really...
  6. I got so high I got arrested
  7. story of my life....
  8. hells yeah, that's awesome!
  9. I want to see this video
  10. All my crazy stories are from years ago. Now that Im older I guess Im turning into a pussy or something. Two weeks ago my friend tried to run across a parking lot without touching the ground. He was just going across the cars as fast as he could. It ended with him denting the tailgate of an f250 with his head. He sort of deserved it considering that he probably messed a few of the cars up. Hes the type of guy who has heard "arent you a little old for this?" from the police 100 times.
  11. When I was in high school I used to get stoned before my classes. Well all the teachers would always look at me wrong and say things udner there breath like *loser* and shit like that. Well one day before school in my senoir year,My friend smoked me up with NYC deisel for the first time. I went to class like i usually do and my math teacher looked at me all pissed and called me a "no-good hippie". This time I didn't take it. I stood up in front of the class and started preaching about it and the true facts about marijuana. The whole class turned into me and my teacher going head to head and me challenging his idea's about it,By the end of class he ran out of things to say and people were telling me how they respect me for speaking out and standing up. Yup def. would have not done that without weed i my system lol
  12. I was chillin with my bro and a couple chicks, I'm the only one high here. I leaned over to this really hot chick that's way out of my league and said, "let's fuck."

    Let's just say I didn't get laid that night. :smoking:

  13. thats fucking classic....... type of shit you only see in movies
  14. one time i got baked, and there was this lady at taco bell...literally sitting there at the frontt of the line talking on her phone...i would look at my watch and like ten minutes passed, so i walked up...closed the phone, and told her to either order or talk on the phone, since obviously she couldnt do both...

    she was obviously pissed when the lady at the register agreed with me...i wouldnt have done that if i did not have the munchies...

    another time,i was ruined, fucked up, i was far past stoned and i had a little bit (about 2 grams)....i was just gone...but i was driving great..however, i had forgotten my walet and there was a check point..i get to a check point, somehow convince the officers they knew me, made up some generic memories, told em i had to get to some generic persons house for a labor day party...
    it was literally my best escape move, i thought for sure i was getting pinched for my first time...
  15. once i was higher than hell and alittle drunk and we needed more beer and munchies so we jump into my old ass hauling camero and tear out like a bat outta hell. bad idea #1. get the the convienience store and i just walk in with a huge joint behind my ear and a quad of dank in my pocket that reaked like heaven and just buy my shit like its no big deal.

    another i went into a gas station for some cottonmouth cure and stand in line next to two uniformed swine stinking like smoke from the blunt we just smoked and i look down and my shirt is covered in little weed crumbles from rolling the bliz. i just booked it for the bathroom and brushed off in the toilet and we cheesed it outta there.
  16. No ballsy moves for me, thats how you get fucked up.
  17. crossed the border into canada and had the car searched, finished my last joint in the car 20 min before
  18. Jesus christ dude he must of been fucked up after denting a truck with his head??
  19. My friend did a back flip off the roof a two story building into some bushes when high once, but he would have done it not high too. I can't think of anything I've done that's as ballsy.
  20. one time when i was really high my friend dared me to light off a fire cracker in the school cafeteria. So i did, but i forgot to let go and burned my hand. I only got suspended for one day so i think it was worth it.

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