The official I smoked it, now I want to grow it thread

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  1. I thought this might be a good thread that everyone could log either what they have grown that turned out great, or in my case as a medical marijuana guy in Washington, start logging what I have really liked that I have smoked.
    So far this year I have sampled
    1. Purple Elephant\t
    2. Purple Kush\t
    3. God bud\t
    4. Blueberry\t
    5. Bubblegum\t
    6. Northern lights\t
    7. Purple Dutch treat\t
    8. Cinex\t
    9. Ak47\t
    10. Chocolope\t
    11. Super silver Haze\t
    12. Grape Ape\t
    13. Grand daddy purple\t
    14. Snoops Dream\t
    15. Jilly bean
    The stand out on that list are Cinex, Purple Elephant, Super silver haze, Purple Kush and Grape Ape.
    Cinex is my favorite by far. Killer skunky earthy taste, sticky killer stuff. Not too narcotic as long as you don't hit it too hard.
    Super silver haze is amazing, I call it "work Weed", Smoke this and you'll want to go do something, start a project go for a hike. Complete opposite of couch lock. never thought such weed existed
    Purple Elephant is my personal favorite in terms of pure taste. it has that killer Skunk, green beer, 100% indica taste. Fairly potent too.
    Purple Kush is on here because its POTENT, Im not a big fan of the Kush taste but this has a quick Skunk after taste that cleans up that biting kush taste and this shit must be over 20% THC. it will knock you on your ass.
    Grape ape has a great Grapefruit smell and a little Kush type bite but its a smooth smoke and 100% indica fairly potent.
    I'll go ahead and give Chocolope Honorable mention, seems similar to Cinex in appearance not quite a s tasty but  a nice combo of the uplift of Sativa and the narcotic of a strong Indica.
    As i shop for seeds this winter all of the above will be on my list.


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