the Official "I NEED A PUNCHING BAG" thread

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by twilightXtoker, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. you always see random threads bein posted about someone complainin bout somethin and it always looks like no one on here is payin attention so thats wut this thread can be for

    its easy just go on, vent and rant about w.e. the hell is wrong

    me-i used to be so close wit my whole family but due to a few mistakes i mad in the passed two days my family now knows i smoke pot they say im goin to hell and they pretty much disowned me ive been cut off my gf is gone for the next 2 months or maybe if 3 months if things go right for HER classes are about to start and they'll just waste my time cuz im a dumbass and ill fail um all anyway i think im bout to be unemployed now that summer's ended and my car's back tire was slashed and i think it was my best friend who i havent talked to in like a month after a fist fite we had

    i dont just need a punching bag i need a brick wall
  2. EDIT: just got back from pickin up my paycheck and yea as i predicted im gonan be unemployed in two weeks

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