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The *Official* I love eveyrone at the city thread

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Sep 21, 2003.

  1. Who here loves everyone at the city...

    I do...... I am proud to be a Grasscitian!!!!!!!

    Who else shares this love?
  2. I love the City and everyone here!!! :D
  3. I love you all! I am a grasscitian to the roots. Good ju-ju vibes to you all.
  4. I expectd more replies than this..

    I thought we all loved the city and it's stoners!!!!!
  5. I love the city, with all my heart [​IMG]
  6. ughhhhh..... even in the banged up state im in from last nights 'events' im still able and proud to say i love this place and like all the people in it.....

  7. I Wuv weed And everyone at the city
  8. ....with much love
  9. Hmm...I have on hell of a hangover..and who is here to comfort me? non other than grasscity..:D

    love all of yas!!
  10. Does this mean you don't love me??
  11. I must agree that I can't love every one here in a biblical sense..

    More like I love the friendship and company of my fellow stoners..

    Now that i have made that clear, I love ya mate!!
  12. When I'm high, I love you all, when I'm not, I love most of you. That's being perfectly honest. I think hahaha
  14. proud to be a member :)
  15. How do I love the City? Let me count thy ways. :D Proud to be representing the Indiana chapter of the City!!
  16. i love the city. there's days i feel like i live here, then i take a little break, but even then i'm usually lurkin around reading posts, i think i'm the only perm. ghost @ grasscity lol, that's a potpixie for ya, just when u think they're gone........they're not:)

    i luvs the city:D!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. i love the city too!
  18. Holy shit!! Ganjaphish is back!! Right the fuck on!!!! :D
  19. Welcome back Ganjaphish.. We love you too!!!!!

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