The OFFICIAL i just got caught thread

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  1. well, there are many stories of people getting caught, so i figured i would make ONE thread for all the stories, so just post your stories of getting caught in this thread. I have none to add right now, i havent gotten caught yet, maybe my parents just dont care.
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  2. i got busted when the shroom spores showed up in my mailbox with the packaging open, then my mom snooped my room and found my shit,, i was getting careless, so it was a good thing probs
  3. I remeber when I was caught, I went downstairs to my moms car and she smelled it on me and was so dissapointed. She starts hitting me and shit, so yea it was pretty crazy.
    Tuff love...
  4. hey FUCK this thread
    when i get caught i want my own thread dammit
  5. alright so i got caught by my parents...
    they tell me to get my ass home one saturday night, cuz i was at a friends house (gettin high) and i go home blazed as fuck to find out they found my shit. haha how ironic
  6. mom just walked in on me rolling a joint. We had a great convo about weed, she says she supports me as long as I keep motivated in school. Finished rolling the joint with her in the room:hello:.
  7. Haha legendary. Im glad my parents don't care, all that hastle of hiding it would drive me insane
  8. I got caught once left my bong on my living room table, mom saw it and started freaking out. I told her to get the fuck out my apartment lol.
  9. I get caught all of the time, but that's cause I don't try to hide it. I couldn't give a fuck what my dad thinks of me, my mom is awesome though, once she found a bag of easily the best shit I have ever seen laying around the house somewhere, she asked me if it was mine, it wasn't so I said no, and then she asked if I wanted it and said I could have it.
  10. Me and my mom are really open about weed, but she doesnt toke. One day she was telling me how stressed she was at work, whatever, I joking said, "you should smoke a joint", and she said "haha maybe"(jokingly)
    The next day she was at work, I was upstairs using her computer for something and I had just finished rolling a joint and I brought it upstairs to admire. Get a call from a friend who wants to go for a drive, so I say yea, and LEFT THE JOIN AT THE COMPUTER. I didnt think anything of it until I got home that night with a note beside the joint reading "was this for me???".
    Glad she didnt take it though :D
  11. Dad comes in, "Thought I smelled weed. Ok good night, I'm goin to bed"
  12. Shoulda said "No, but I'll share it with ya" :)
  13. I didnt get caught, my mom knows from a little while ago, but i went back home for a day and a half and managed to get caught at my buddies house by their rents twice.

    Once we were in the backyard and my friends dad came outta nowhere (was supposed to be on a trucking trip) and saw us...busted

    Next this morning me and my other buddy blaze in his garage, mom comes home right after we finish and opens the garage to see smoke lmao.
  14. Haha, I left my vape out one day, and my mom found it. She woke my dad up (he works midnights) and told him "Deal with it". I was high for the next part, lol. My dad took me to get soft drinks at this store, so I hop in the car (I got to drive...). We got to the booth after my dad had gotten done telling me that he wasn't angry. He then said he was kind of disappointed, then took it back, and then told me why marijuana is illegal is stupid. He's a big stoner. my mom didn't say ANYTHING to me for over a month, when she finally to my dad to stop inferring that I still smoke weed. That's it, they don't really care that I do it, but they would rather I wait. It's pretty sweet XD.
  15. Ive been grounded since nov 2007. Got caught for the first time last year on xanex, took to much and passed out so my dad searched my room and found some bud and a pipe and a shit load of empty bags. Well that was nov last year and i got the shit kicked outta me, thrown outta my house for a weekend. When i went back home after 2 days my mom was all crying ans shit saying that how dissapointed they are, that i ruined my life. I tried to explain that weed is safe and not dangerous showed em all the facts but those fucking above the influence ads made em think otherwise. The next time i was caught was a couple of months ago, i caught on dxm. came home couldnt walk straight so ya. got kicked out again, shit beat outta me, lectured the same old shit. Then in between they suspected me but didnt reallt point it out to much, then last sunday they caught me again on dxm Got the shit kicked outta me and they basically told me i cant go anywhere but school, they refuse to pay for anything and that right after high school ends theyre throwing me out without any money. Just got a job at cvs:( to pay for shit like lunch and gas. well i guess thts kinda my story all summed up. O i forgot to mention they also have turned me into the cops twice :mad:
    Well ya hope you guys have a better time than me
    happy toking:bongin:
  16. Got caught yesterday. Came home, my mom had my stash. She was chill about it... but my dad... he flipped out. Lost 250 dollars worth of shit.
  17. I just got caught last night. My brother and 2 friends, one guy one girl, came over outside for a few minutes, but we didn't do anything. Everybody leaves but me, and I go back in my house. My parents force me to sit next to them, and start making me empty my pockets because they suspect my brother of providing me with weed. :eek:
    Now I'm wearing cargo shorts, and I've got a shitload of random stuff in my pockets. I pull out 17 dollars, visine, a comb, huge knife, mp3, and some other stuff. Sometime during this time I miraculously manage to sneak the swisher i had in my bottom right pocket underneath the cushion of the couch. No idea how, my adrenaline was pumping.
    But yeah, on to the point. I had 6 300mg neurontin pills on me that my friend wanted me to check out, because he's a dumbass and has NO idea how to research pills and wanted to see what they were. I forgot they were in my pocket, so my mom reaches into my pocket and pulls them out. They fucking freaked out and researched them. I said got them thinking they were hypertest pills from a random shady kid.
    They eventually find out what they are on the laptop, and call the cops. 3 cars pull up, the talk for a lil bit. I find out my step-dad takes the pills I had, and said I stole them from him. I get put into handcuffs and put into the back of the cop car. My mom rants about how "horrible" I am, but says she doesn't want me to go to jail. My stepdad doesn't give a flying fuck. They talk some more, lecture, I get out of car and go back into my house.

    So yeah, kind of ruined my night. But I was lucky, because I had some other pills in my pocket they didn't find, and they didn't find the cigarillo. Sorry for the wall of text :smoke:
  18. I saw this one and figured it would make a good first post. I am 33 now, with my own child, but when I was 16, I came across my dad and stepmoms stash. It was about a quarter pound of shwag, but it was the biggest bag i'd ever seen at the time after buying eights n quarters for my short smoking career at the time.

    For the next couple of weeks, I would go in and pluck out a nice bud after school and head out to my friends to toast, always trying to "fluff" the bag up to make it look like I hadnet taken anything lol.

    Then one day, I came home from school and went to the fridge for a drink. My stepmom was in the kitchen, and she turned to me with a grin, and said "Hey, you find anything recently?" I knew exactly what she was talking about, and if I tried to lie about it at the time, she'd probably have kicked my ass lol. I admitted to taking some buds. I had a feeling they knew I smoked, but this wasnt the way I had planned on being "caught".

    That same night when my old man got home from work, he came in my room and asked me to come out to the living room to talk with him and my stepmom. As I nervously came into the livingroom, I noticed my stepmom putting the final twist on a joint, and she sparked it up, passed it to my dad, who after a hit, passed it to me. We sat there for what seemed like hours just talking about whatever came to mind. It was hands down the tightest I had been with my dad so far in life. After a few weeksm I even scored a couple of bags here and there for them.

    Eventually, after a few months, they ended up quitting the herb. My dad said he got "back into" just for kicks. But i'll never forget it. I think while my dad probably didnt agree 100% with smoking weed with his kid, that he WOULD agree that it was worth it. These days, he is a recovered alchoholic. I'm still smoking away, never stopped, but these days I dont bring it up around him. We ride Harleys together, and if I need a puff, I take a walk somewhere away from him. I dont even know if he knows I still smoke, but its kinda like starting all the way back at square one lol.

    I wouldnt trade those days for the world.
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    Well I'll keep it short.
    When i was 14;
    My moms went into my shoeboxes(I had like 40 pairs of shoes at that time). Went though every single one of them and found the one that didn't have any shoes in them. Shit was full of weed over 3onions (Don't remember the exact amt.) my scale and box of dutches.

    She basically waited until I got home and told me, didn't take it and flush it or anything. Just said be careful.
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    I have a story. A couple friends and myself went up to another friend's house, well actually his grandmother's house. So we went in the upstairs part of a barn (it's a nice room). Then, this chick came, so there was music and we were playing beer pong and smoking a few bowls. Then his grandpa came up, and if we hadn't left a can of bud light out, he wouldnt have noticed anything. So this kid's mom got called and she was on her way, so we just all booked out of there. An alright night, lot of laughs afterwards. his grandpa was like "ohhh boy, grandma's not going to be happy about this!"and the kid who's grandparents house it was got so paranoid becuase we were all really bakled off of 3g's of some mids the kid was higher than anyone i've ever seen...what a light weight. his eyes were pure red and he said"guys guys u gotta get outta here just go...LEAVE take the empties and go." not the worst night but not the best

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