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~~The official "i got caught" thread~~

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Fuzzybutt, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. About six years ago I went camping, and while I was away my mom decided to dig through my room and she founds some stems and seeds that I forgot to toss (stupid me) well when I got back, they tested me and I failed with flying colors. Anyways, I recently started again but I still remember getting caught. Have any of you guys been caught by, well, anyone? Hahah post my GC peeps!!
  2. this is not the official i got caught thread bro, you fucked up
  3. been caught 3 times by my mom. She threatened to drug test me and took all my pieces when i left out my stash box. Good times good times
  4. I got caught when I was 17 because I would leave the things I cleaned my glass with in the trash and she saw it as she dumped dirty cat food down the toilet. I live downstairs and I'm never making that mistake again.
    :hello: :bongin: :bongin: :D
  5. Last summer a buddy of mine got picked up by the cops for smoking outside a mall. His mom went crazy and called all of his friends' parents, tried to get his friends fired, etc. I knew she was going to call my house, so I told my mom everything. She never called...

    Moral of the story: Fuck that shit.
  6. [quote name='"kushalldaykush"']this is not the official i got caught thread bro, you fucked up[/QUOTE]

    Whys that?
  7. Why official i got caught story is in the actual official caught story thread

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