The *OFFICIAL* Hookah Appretiation Thread

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    So. i've only been smoking hookah for maybe about a year, and every since i first tried it i was in love.
    Heres some random things about smoking hookah that might help you begginers.

    -dont forget to clean your hookah often. the mollasses builds up quick and gunks all over the place.
    -if you want to get the biggest rip, dont be afraid to exhale all the way and completely fill your lungs, although not recomended ever pull, it is watercooled and very very smooth IMO
    -Moving your tounge around while sucking in can help you taste the full flavor.
    -While lighting a coal light the side with the ring and blow until one side is about completely red for even burning
    -Try TONS of flavors to find your favorite, also trying mixing as well. There is Molasses based, and
    -square coals, or 3 kings brand are favored
    -if tasting ash/coal, trying reducing the heat by moving to the corner, or try breaking a piece of coal in half before putting it on.
    -NEVER EVER EVER, THROW THE HOSE, trust me. i owed my buddy 80 dollars just for his shitty used hookah because of a misplaced toss.
    -Try Guava mixed with Honey Flavor. (My PErsonal Fave)
    -If anyone is curious about loading a full shisha bowl of Dank but wasnt sure if it was worth the 1/8 or so it takes to fill it up. it IS worth it. that thing will roll for more than an hour or two, i forget cause im so fucked hahaha Pull after pull after pull. althouh i dont suggest it if your by yourself, get some match mofo.
    -I've heard from people saying "the coal cage is the best way to go" well, i have a cage and i'd say the times i use foil instead i actually get noticably better smoke. im sure with everything correct it will all burn the same, but somehting about a quick piece of foil is so conveniant.
    -touching cage = FUCK *sizzlesizzle*
    -if your looking to buy one, go for one that has the little ashtray catcher, it comes in handy when someone gets sloppy with the coal and u have to put it somehwere etc.
    -yes 3 hoses are worth it, cant say i've tried a 4 hose, but- if you take out the other two to make it less clunky it will still work as a 1 hose-that is if you have a nice one with ball bearings that move with suction.
    -Clay bowls break VERY easily for some reason. i've been through more than 4 and 1 glass one.
    -dont be afraid to poke the coal to move it a little, its not htat hot.
    -dont stick to one type of shisha, theres mollasses AND honey based, i prefer honey, its cheaper and i liek the taste, but molasses burns longer, your choice( :

    theres a couple things, now share some hookah experiences, favorite flavours,
    what u own, etc. anything hookah!

    i might post some pics if anyone else does.:hello:
  2. i smoke camel filters and personally, hookah does NOT do anything for me, besides the nice taste..:(
  3. DON'T SET IT UP DRUNK. ouch.

  4. Agreed, or if theres a good amount of people pulling fromt it or drinking around , try to have it on a table so people dont bump it,

  5. i try not to smoke too much but i actually picked up a dollar off camel filter ysterday( : wides are my fave:smoke:
  6. i love hookah, its fun going to a hookah bar and taking fat rips for your friends

    but weed is so much better

    ive yet to combine the 2, will prob try this next time i pick up a ton of regs
  7. Hookah is nice and relaxing. We have a Mya for the apartment, 4 hose. Mya's are like the king's in the hookah world, top notch, totally recommend them. We have all in all around 18-20 different shisha flavors.

    Starbuzz and Epic Smokes Shisha is the way to go. I HATE cheap, poorly made shisha, can't smoke it.

    Combining weed and shisha in a hookah pack is nice too, however ALWAYS clean the hookah after doing this, the weed smoke + tobacco really dirty the hookah up. It's a different kind of high, but be warned, it does waste the weed you put in, so use cheap weed like mids or regs. You won't really taste the herb, but you'll get pretty high. Also, mix a lot more shisha than weed, as the weed tends to dry out shisha making for a harsh smoke.
  8. I've never smoked hookah with my good friends and not had a huge smile on your face. Its just very relaxing, chilling, sitting, toking and blowing the smoke out. You even get that little buzz if you smoke a lot. I effing love my hookah!
  9. i really want to hookah now. i bought two new flavors i want to try
  10. hell ya man wides are great after a nice bong rip out of the roor!

  11. i usually only have pharohs or "Hookah Hookah", is it worth it for me to order some starbuzz, is it noticably different.

    plus, if you decide to load JUST weed, use a lighter DONT USE A COAL, you might only have to light it once since it'll get going quick.
  12. I would say it's totally worth it. They have a TON of flavors, some much better than others, it's all prefrence. My roommate has like this arabian coffee flavor that he doesn't like, but when I mix it with the pumpkin pie flavor it tastes soooo good.

    Order two or three, get something fruity from them too, and you'll notice a BIG difference. They're shisha is quality, I haven't smoked anything better.
  13. Hookah is so damn good. I'll set up my hookah with a half gram mixed in just watching TV or a movie by myself, sitting in an armchair, and just blaze. It's just so relaxing.
  14. love it, been to the hookah bar the last 3 days in a row now.
  15. nice, unfortunatly there was a smoking ban passed where i live a year ago, so they only allow herbal shit) :
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