The Official Heat Island Log Vaporizer Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by BigDaddyVapor, May 19, 2013.

  1. As the HI is back up in production and the list is being worked on, its time to get your name on the list! Doesn't cost you any money, you can change your mind up until the time you click "Pay", when your unit is ready.

    He's added The HI, plus all the different roasting/turbo tubes, stems, attachments, storage, etc.

    Check it out at Toasty Top & Heat Island.

    You can also contact him at

    I know there's at least one or two HI owners here. I know they have videos/pics to. Better looking ones than mine, but mine was specifically made to be a beater/test unit... to see if the wood would hold up to some real abuse (I've broken 3 MFLBs). Well, it does hold up, quite well. I just had to replace the heater core, but it broke from my abuse. One, I accidently ran it over wattage for 2 - 3 hours and two, I dropped it one too many times. Snapped the resistor/core in half. Let Alan know and I was up and running, two days later.

    Runs on pretty much any standard 12 VDC 2A adaptor (they're very common, actually), or an adjustable power supply, like a small tattoo unit. Mine stays on 24/7 at roasting temps.

    Some videos for your viewing pleasure. A couple of hype videos I made for him and the truly impressive work with my new EFS.
    All videos are HD 1080.

  2. Guess you can only post two vids per post. Here's the newest one, with the EFS. Monster rip!

  3. I love your videos, BDV. They always get so milky :smoking:
    Years and years of practice. :p

    Its really easy with the HIsaber. You made a wise decision. Can't wait until you get it. I talked to Alan and he's probably going to sign up an account. Though, I don't know how they view that here. Obviously, I know there's some restrictions. At least once you get your's there will be someone else with a unit, not hiding in the shadows.

    I'm surprised none of the other JedHIs, posting/lurking around here, aren't showing off their, vapes. Lot of beautiful HIsabers out there and some pretty cool vids/pics. A little rep for Alan to.
    I'm really exited to get to the front of the list, I will definitely be posting some videos up once I get one. I know bOObs has one, but seems like he's lacking over here. :laughing: That's the only JedHI I can think of on here who posts mad videos over at FC.
  6. LOTS of great reviews on this vape.    One of the best log vapes out there.
    Hey BDV, how ya doin'?
    IMO, I can't ask for anything more. It does, everything I ask of it and more. My ultimate goal, was reaching that "bong load" experience. One of the things I miss, from my stoner years, is snapping a bowl. Glass back then (80s), was out of the question. Too expensive and paper thin. It always broke. Always.
    I hate smoking, however. I don't like the high, because that's not what I'm looking for, primary (who I kidding, I enjoy the effects of vapor). I want it for the meds, first. Pharmaceuticals are poison and I take too many, don't want them giving me more. When I got the HI, I knew it was the vape to pull it off. If you ever had the inclination, or the time (lol)... you can see it in my vids... as I move thru different techniques and adapters. Plus, now I have the glass collection to REALLY get into it. Definitely a hobby. Haha...

    While I'll still tinker, I've pretty much nailed it, I think. You may blow just as big clouds, with other vapes, but I challenge anyone and will rightfully respect/acknowledge the vape that pulls off hits like that and most important, no slow fill of the chamber... there's a reason I call it the "Shotgun of Vapes". BOOM! It hits soon as you start pulling, for the most part. Also, literally as close to combustion as you can get, without going there. I've ashed only one... since I started hitting it like this to.

    I can't wait to get my real one. Though, I'm almost scared to use it, I know its going to be gorgeous and this one, has been thru a lot and is still ripping them. You're going  to love your's.
    See above.

    If I thought anyone truly wanted to know, I probably still wouldn't talk about it. So... we'll just say, getting by. Trying to do the best I can. Thanks for asking. :unsure: 
    Are you getting one of the new designed ones with the wood cylinder on the bottom and the power plug on the side? :D Those look sick.
    I'll be getting a sealed unit, with the side plug. Not quite sure what I wan't to do about the bottom. I've told Alan from the beginning I've always leaned towards a Black Walnut burl, or similar. I don't really like the light bottoms, on the darker woods (though I do like that new 3M material, or whatever it is). I'll probably have him do my cap, from the same burl... with a matching stem.
    I think an HI that matches from the ground up would look really cool, although you have to consider that the wooden stem will get dirty and there's nothing you can do about it.
    The stem would mostly just be for the aestehtic set. I don't use the roasting tubes at all. I run almost everything thru glass/water. Even my MFLB (except doing chores, then its in my pocket).

    Alan signed up an account. Maybe if more people (HI owners, interested parties) were to chime in... he might be inclined to post.
  12. Hey BDV, since you are obviously experienced with the Heat Island I was wondering if you know if it can be used with concentrates. I'm trying to help my dad find a vaporizer that can do both greens and concentrate since occasionally he needs that strength for his medical conditions. Sorry if it was in one of the videos, my internet is too slow to load them.
    Yes it can. You can use the cotton method, putting cotton against the screen as a foundation for concentrates (I recommend this one), or use the bud method and top bud with some concentrates. :wave:
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    Cool. Thanks for your help
  15. Sorry for the delay in getting back. Been hot as Hell here and been sleeping thru most of the days. Since my medical issues, I don't do well in Heat.

    As Yoshi said, yes... you can use concentrates with the HI. You can use the cotton method. Or my personal favorite, which I use for both bubble hash and wax, is I'll lay a small bed of herb down in a tube, then drop a dab or some hash on top. While I'm vaping it, instead of it all burning off, a lot of it, will melt around the bud. It extends the number of draws, you can get and is a definite plus on the flavor side.

    With vapes, those follow-up hits aren't always the best. Its why I typically load my HI for single hitters. However, with the wax/hash, it'll stay pretty tasty, thru the whole thing.
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    Someone order Dark Roast?

    Wicked good AK Goo!


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    Ever since I got my Heat Island aka HI, most who own one quickly realize, they have something special. It can vape herb (and concentrates) at any temp/roast you want it, light to dark. The variety of tubes (which, I haven't really ever show<span>n, other than 2), gives it, something for everyone. If you check out the sales page, you'll see all the options.

    I knew with the HI, I was going to get something I missed from my combustion days, as I don't burn at all. I really missed "snapping a bowl". The HI provides such dense vapor, I knew it was just a matter of getting the quantity right. It honestly, took months to perfect it, as it didn't really click until I started using the silicone Turbo Tube. It allows you to adjust your screen/chamber depth and you can twist/rotate the HI on different axis. It allows you to put a LOT of heat, really close to, around the herb and not combust it.

    After I achieved that, I started to get lazy. I wouldn't adjust the height, just right... wasn't really watching the level/amount of herb. Just getting the quick blast of the snapper. But, that led me to the realization of just how efficient this vape, really is. I've known this for some time, but I always just show blast, in my videos. The thick rip, to show that potential to others...

    What about those, that want something not as aggressive? That's that thing... the HI, is both. In fact, its all of those things, all of these vapes on the market do/are. In a package the size of a can of Redbull.

    This video, is to show what really goes on, after the cam stops rolling. Take this, with all my videos featuring this vape... and If you don't want one after this? Wow... I don't know what to say, at that point. For a 1/3 the price of the $500 vapes. Don't even get me started on the stale vapor bag Volcano.</span>
    Make sure you blow it up full-screen
  18. ^^^ After reading everything youve posted about this vape it certainly has peeked my curiosity (didnt care much before since I already have a ssv and an arizer solo) but the thing that got me most was how thick you got that vapor and how you said it starts hitting instantly which is something ive noticed tends to not happen with the ssv.
    So I have a question for you about the HI.
    - Know I understand that you can get probly the milkiest rips from a vape I've ever seen from it but is it really all the vape, it seems to me like you have just perfected it and the HI was just a very good medium to go about perfecting it. 
    And maybe the HI is the only vape that it can be done on but more to what I'm getting at, if I went got this vape do you believe I (or anyone really) would be able to get it even close to that mily without the lengthy learning curve -ish type thing that it said you had to go through?
    This vape sounds great though if I didnt have a vape right now I might go for it, but now im considering if selling my current vapes and going for the HI would be a good choice. (or I could just have a collection haha)
  19. Most of it, is the vape. If I go back to my earlier videos, I was up and pulling thick clouds, instantly. The only real learning curve, was not combusting. After the 1st time, it was real easy to tell the difference, because the feedback is so immediate. I think the only vape that really gives you that kind of feedback, that quickly... is the MFLB. Though, once the MFLB load starts to torch, its done... you won't stop it. Dump and start over. The HI, you can back off, scrape off some charred material and finish it off afterwards.

    I've seen others, with mixed reactions when they pick it up. But, even ones I wouldn't expect to like the vape... always come around. You'll try some combination of HI, tube, glass/direct draw... that you really like and you'll be stuck to it, after that. It comes with a 12v power supply, which actually runs the unit at a temp, you can't really mess up at. You're going to get thick clouds, no matter what. If you decide to get a variable power supply (you can get them as cheap as $14, just a simple tattoo ps)... then you can start messing around with low voltage vaping and such. Me, not into that... I just want big, thick clouds in my lungs.

    But, all these videos/techniques, they really come naturally. You'll be looking at the different tubes, you'll notice, you can mix and match. Each will be a completely different experience. Here's one of the first videos, I made within the week I got the HI. Notice I'm using the GonG tube. A lot of people, prefer that option. I don't ever use it, anymore. To each his own, that's what's great about it.
    (this is the infamous "duck video". you'll understand after)
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    Can the Heat Island HIsaber milk this 22" beast, with an AC attched? :bongin:
    Why yes... it can. (Oh and do herb/wax at the same time, same tube)

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