The Official Hat Appreciaton thread.

Discussion in 'Fashion & Lifestyle Trends' started by Faded Skies, May 8, 2011.

  1. Like to have something on your dome all the time? Get in here and discuss what hats you like and wish to have :D
  2. ^^ thats a sick hat man :smoke: I'm into retro snapbacks like this one, Sharks forever

  3. i got a 91 bulls championship snapback, shits a lil beaten up gotta get a pic of it up on here.

    rock the flat brim truckers and beanies for the most part thou
  4. It's sweet that snapbacks are coming back!

  5. Love em' :D
  6. I don't wear a lot of hats, I use them to keep the sun out of my eyes when I have the sunroof open on my car.

    I picked up a Rammstein hat at Madison Square Garden when I saw them last fall - [​IMG]

    And I occasionally wear my husband boonie hat [​IMG]
    or one of his ball caps[​IMG][got this piccy offline, i cant be arsed to go take a picture of his hat =) ]
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    I kinda like snapbacks but all the bros are wearing them now. I'll stick to flat brimmed truckers, they're basically the same thing haha.

    EDIT: Two summers ago, I bought a fitted in Pittsburgh at a Pirates game. Now everyone thinks I like Wiz, its kinda annoying.

  8. In my area like 20 people got snapbacks for the NHL playoffs, it was lulz.
  9. New Era hats don't look good on me, at all. :|

    And how are snap backs making a comeback? I haven't seen anyone wear one since the mid 90s.
  10. Plain red or black flexfit with nothing on it. Also, best when broken in I hate having to get a new hat.
  11. Black newsboy. All day.

    Occasionally I wear a black fedora or a black cadet.

    Head covered outdoors, it's a rule.
  12. I like to rock one of these:


    The women find it irresistible.
  13. I have a patchwork driver's cap that I wear relatively frequently... I also sport bandanas often.
  14. I feel like touques are not getting enough love in this thread.
  15. that hat jay wears in clerks, its like a baseball hat with no bill. but im always wearin a kangol.
  16. I mostly wear "hick" baseball caps where the brims and really curved. But im thinking about getting a fitted hat. Im not sure though because i tried wearing my friends and I didnt look good at all! It sucks cause I like how they look. Do you have have to have longer hair to wear them? Or is it just a thing only certain people can wear?

  17. I usually rock a buzz cut, and even when I grow it out it's never super long and I rock fitted hats, it looks fine. I feel like anyone can pull it off.

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