The Official Go Red Wings Thread!!!!!

Discussion in 'All Sports' started by vertigojester, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. So my beloved wings are playing game 5 tonight, so i figured id make this thread before work to say......

    F*** yeah!! go get em wings!

    Pens fans begin lol:smoking:

    P.S. Lidstrom:hello: > Crosby:laughing: Oh yes i went there.....
    P.S.S. I know this thread made lure some trash talking in but let's all keep it civilized ok
  2. Aww come on, no one wants to comment? Hockey is the bomb :hello:
  3. I went up there for game 1, sorry man, but that is by far the worst place I've ever been to. what a fucking dump. Makes pgh look like a tropical paradise. I'll give you credit, you've probably got the better hockey team, but your arena is 2 miles away from the 3rd world.

    not sure what the hell happened last night, god damn kronwall sneaking around the net down low, what a mess. I think we take game 6, but I can't see fleury holding his mind together in that building.
  4. o yea get it wings!!! might have to break out my old "hockeytown" vhs that has the 97 playoffs highlights on it...but i'm pretty confident they will bring home the cup...AGAIN
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    Well i will give you that , Joe Louis is down in the dumps of the D, but hey its the D. She's seeing some hard times right now. However im confident that if the wings keep winning the way they have been they will get a new arena.

    Also, the 97 highlights?! lol i remember watching those games as a kid, damn.......Flashbacks rofl

    P.S. It may be ghetto down by the Joe but what you may not have realized is that you were in the middle of bud central lol. Ghetto or not the D has bomb weed
  6. Hey, I love my ghetto ass city. I need the grime, I wouldn't have it any other way. Plus, right by the Joe there's always people selling mad good bud, especially around game time when there's tons of people. Scalpers with weed, more or less.

    As for the team, I have to say I'm one of the few Detroiters who don't really give a shit. I hope they win and all, but if they don't, I'm just as content. I don't get anything out of it.. the only thing that happens to me if they lose is I potentially have to avoid riots, since it is Detroit after all.
  7. the only people i saw hanging around there were homeless. :)

    MOST of the red wing fans up there were real cool.. respectful, good sports, good luck to both etc. so that was cool. 3 of them we ran into were drunk assholes trying to start fights, but they are in every city rght.

    we ended up getting lost on our way back from the casino to our hotel - can't beat 5 out of town drunk white kids aimlessly walking around metro Detroit at 3 AM!! one of them so drunk he is yelling at gangs a few blocks over "HEY what are you guys doing over there" DUDE shut the fuck up we are going to get shot

    i'm predicting a 3-1 pens win tommorow.. followed by a massive shitting of the bed by osgood on friday. basically he's got to collapse if we're going to win over there
  8. the pens looked liked kids out there on game 5. a bunch of spoiled brats
  9. Detroit sucks!
  10. :crickets:

    see ya friday night, this time we celebrate in your house

    and not to get ahead of myself, but after that happens, could we actually get the rubber match next year? O how sick would that be? :)
  11. sorry sobebong, pitt's not gonna win in detroit
  12. Wings are taking the cup :D No way there gonna lose at the Joe, when they play there its like they get amped up on steroids lol.

    As for pen's fan's i have only one thing to say. If you want blood!....You got it!
    AC/DC always says it best lol
  13. Funny how the commentators are sucking Detroits dick. They'll continuously compliment the red wings, but will never mention the Penguins. The only reason Detroit made it this far is because nearly every goal they get there should be a goaltending call.
  14. Go Red Wings WOOOOOO:hello:
  15. i think the series is a good one. I went to the game last night in the burgh. Great game, plus i went high as fuck. good time, good time.
  16. OMG last night was ridiculous. Fucking Scuderi and Fleury had their best games of the fucking playoffs. Pity that Staal and that other breakout forward got stars two and three. I mean, they scored, and Staal was really good, but defensemen never get the credit they deserve. The Pens really deserved that one though (and I can say that since I'm not rooting for anyone in particular (my Rangers lost in the first round)), they played fantastic, especailly on defense. The Red Wings gave them a run for their money, and played some of their best hockey of the series at point too, but Hank just hitting the post, and Helm botching the deke hardcore at the end, it just killed them, even with their last thirty second push. I was surprised that the refs didn't review that one either. I wasn't expecting a good series, and I'm still calling for the Wings to win, but the Pens are playing great, and have really made this interesting. Put the Wings to the test.
  17. first off go wings game 7 at the joe tomorrow

    and yea id just like to agree i was there a few years ago and theres burned out buildings accross the street. shit is the third world. every1 asks u for a buck. :wave:

    now that pavs back they got the game in the bag and if hossa could fuckin do something this series.

    just my 2cents

    just curious ne one ever listen to babcock talk. haha he sounds like a first grader
  18. Go wings...been listning to coverage about it all day now.

    I have played all my life and swear under Nicklas Lidstrom.

    Expect crazy shit tommarow!

  19. Wow, they ask you for DOLLARS? I get the classic detroit line "I'll give you NINE CENTS for a CIGARETTE!"
  20. lolollolollololololololololololololololoolloloolol look who won lord stanleys cup.

    not the wings. Da pens

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