The *OFFICIAL* General Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'General' started by EuDxKing, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. Well all these OFFICIAL threads, and none for one of the best sections around here.

    I patrol this section all the time i'm on the city.
    just wanted to see how everyone else felt about this TOTALLY AWESOME THREAD!!!!!!!
  2. I officially generally appreciate this thread.
  3. I <3 GENERAL

    it be my home in the city
  4. i live and die in general.
  5. your appreciation is OFFICIALLY appreciated.

    c'mon people.
  6. it is home to all the coolest people here.
    (BTW, i'm in your sig :) baller)

    as we all will.

    Build a _______ and they will come.
    dont know how the saying goes.
    but i love the general section.
  7. i generally appreciate the general section. i get fed up with all the kiddies asking about their pot being laced...
  8. if i ever lost bleeze king.... theres only one place i would need to look for him:p

    general is great, but music hall is the best!:cool:
  9. Music Hall has nothing on general, the party used to be in Pandora's box, but it fell off long ago.
  10. I love general. It's nice to see the older blades that chill in here sometimes. I'm constantly doing upkeep on Rec Use, I find it hard to make it to General too often... Need to stop by more.
  11. Glad to see you Trikky, saw your new AC not too long ago.
    Really bad ass piece.

  12. if i ever lost u i'd know where to look

    waffle house
  13. Hey buddy. It's always nice to see all of you in here. General is like a little family all its own, and I feel privileged to get to be a part of it.
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    I came into this thread thinking it was about things we appreciated... general appreciations people had... but now that I see what it is I am even happier I checked it, because I love general!

  15. i woulda said ihop, i was way off.
  16. i love da herb.
  17. dont we all.
  18. I generally appreciate women's breasts.
  19. yea its purdy awsome

    i gots appreciation for general fo shoo
  20. yes boobs are nice:hello:

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