The Official "Fuck Yeah" thread

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Apr 29, 2003.

  1. This is intended to be the rebuttle to the official "fuck off" thread.

    other tittles i considered for it were...

    the official ************* thread:

    Get it the fuck on
    Get the fuck over here
    come the fuck over here
    fucking yeah
    fucking right
    Fuck on
    fucking right on
    thats the fucking shit.

    so without any further ado:

    Aliens, come the fuck over here.
    Love. Fuck yeah.
    Progression through peace and love... Fucking Right on!
    Progression through war and hate and fear... oh wait thats supposed to be in the fuck off thread.. woops
    Hippies, Fuck Yeah!
    Socialism, thats the fucking shit.
    Grasscity. Get it the fuck on! (now where's that picture of disco stu when u need it)
    Medical Cannabis: Get the fuck over here!
    fucking yeah, toasted sandwiches.
    Liberty & freedom... thats the fucking shit.
  2. Being Toasted and getting away from all the fake shit.... Fuck yeah...
  3. im getting a sack tommorow!
  4. nvm

    posted somethin completly off topic...

    my bad...
  5. remeber a firend left a bowl in your pinche all packed and nice and then being dry and finding it
  6. Damn it, threw me off with this one!

    I'll try it out though.

    Cheese sandwiches...THAT'S THE FUCKIN' SHIT! (This just doesn't feel right.)

    Cars that go fast...FUCK YEAH! :)( I don't know if I can do this FUCK YEAH thing.)

    SEX......GET IT THE FUCK ON!!!! (That wasn't so bad...)

    I'm going to have to ease into this so that's all I have for now. I'll try a little harder tomorrow! :)
  7. lol this is a good idea for a thread. :D funny, no one else started a "fuck yeah" thread sooner. hoefully it'll be more popuar than the official "anything" thread -_- lol...anyhoo, my "fuck yeah" goes out to positivity. without it, i would'nt survive.

  8. sorry i just gotta say that socialism is no the fucking shit. capitalism is fucking better.
  9. detracting a bit but capitalism sucks, it puts monetary (sp?) values on peoples lives in hospital, it stops me getting weed the whole ficking time, it slows down scientific progress shit loads.

    look at the fucking "3rd world" if that aint a good way of showing what bullshit capitalism causes i dont know what is.


    the joy of nintendo games - fuck yeah
    music in general - fuck yeah
    winning arguments - fuck yeah (no referance to above)
    peace - fuck yeah
    knowing your better than all the little bastards in the world - ULTIMATE FUCK YEAH
    not having anymore ideas but not really caring - fuck yeah

    yum this is fun
  10. mooglekexins last post ^ (except for the arrogant bit) FUCK YEAH!
    Buddhism, Thats the fucking shit!
    Temporal mechanics, quantum mechanics, cosmology, astrology, physics etc... Fuck Yeah!
    Explaining to capitalists what capitalism is and how its destroying humanity's chances.. FUCK YEAH!
    Hydrogen atoms and Hydrogen Ions... Thats the fucking shit!
  11. got laid last night..


  12. hehe:D
  13. fuck yeah to
    no school
    not being sober
    the green lantern
    finding money in your pocket
    cheesy poofs
  14. Fuck yea to chessy puffs fo sure
  15. the better than bastards bit ??? referance to all the little shits that go to my school. hoodie wearing, disrespectful little shits. they got the most stupid inslult ever for me... skin face... i mean wtf ??? i have skin on my face god what a crime. if i wasnt trying to be a pacafist i woulda beaten them.

    but they are bastards... like townies and neds in scotland, the orkney variant but less so.
  16. ok kex... that bit too. you shoulda specified. i thought you were just calling nearly everyone a little bastard.

    yeah neds and scheemies really need sorting out.
  17. FUCK YEAH to the return of my old Av!
  18. fuck yeah, nice thread!
  19. time spent under the sun, especially hack and frisbee


    also, andy capps stoner chow and sundrop soda (breakfast for under $2.00) FUCKING RIGHT ON
  20. that cute girl that lives in the apt. right across from me...

    fuck yeah.

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