the OFFICIAL french blades thread

Discussion in 'General' started by Buddha_Man, May 11, 2011.

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    how many blades out there are frogs? im 75% french and i pretty much fit most stereotypes :hello:

    -im always right
    -i dont use deoderant
    -i enjoy cigs
    -french bread is great
    -i prefer wine over beer
    -my smile looks more like a frown
    - i speak with my hands
    -i laugh at unusual things
  2. i was an exchange student in "Metz" and i had pretty bad experiences, maye it was just because the school was kinda ghetto
  3. Huh? I dont get it

  4. idk why but i lold :p
  5. Whats the longest you've gone without carrying a white flag?
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    HA, awesome.
  7. 1 day...when i had it tucked in my underwear cuz i had diarhea form eating American fast food
  8. - le vin est horrible
    - la bière est étonnant
    - vous devez utiliser déodorant
  9. how is wine horrible
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    Pray to God I never meet you

  11. Je ne sais pas ... Je viens n'aime pas ça .... et vous déshydrate plus que tout autre type d'alcool, et surtout douchebags prétentieux sont les buveurs de vin fier et comme pour montrer au monde qu'ils aiment le vin, car ils ont la classe ... Je ne sais pas .. je n'aime pas le vin du même montant que la musique jazz i n'aime pas.

  12. Its cool man. Its cool. I understand people dont like the french too much but hey every nationality has their ways
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    That's true man, French babes are fine though ill give you that :)
  14. i call troll. look at OP's location.
  15. I think you mean Mexican food.

  16. Taco bell's not Mexican food.
  17. It's modeled after Mexican food and has the same effects.
  18. no it isnt. taco bell is the stuff people who eat real mexican food, shit out onto a tortilla and sell it to you at taco bell.
  19.'re absolutely right.

    It's more like Chinese food, now that I think about it. :rolleyes:

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