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  1. I didn't see a thread for my favorite genre of literature and since most other forums break stuff down into categories I figures why shouldn't fantasy novels get one?  they are badass and great ways to pass the time so let's all talk about Fantasy books.
    what are your favorites? what are you reading right now? what do you recommend to others? etc.
    I'll start with an obvious pick and must read for fantasy lovers.  The Dresden Files. If you haven't yet you gotta pick them up, its like hardboiled film noir private eye meets magic, meets every trope of fantasy you can think of, and the characters and pacing are all incredibly well done.  I'm on the fourth one now myself and usually I end up reading them in like a day once I commit to actually sitting down with them because after an hour or so I'll be so involved I wont want to stop.
    Two others I would recommend are Ready Player One which is a fantasy/sci-fi good ol adventure story with plenty of humor, romance, and more 80's pop culture and video gaming trivia/references than you can throw a stick at. Yet another book I ended up reading in one day after I got about 80 pages in because it was so gripping. I'd highly recommend it.
    Lastly for the dark side in all of us is Prince of Thorns (and King of thorns) some books by mark lawrence that are about as dark and gritty, with the most anti-heroic, evil, yet somehow rogueishly charming MC I think I've ever read. The MC is someone of an exiled (or disowned might be more correct) prince who's out for revenge, and eventually world domination and he doesnt give a fuck who or what gets in his way, because they'll all end up bleading out at the end of his blade. all of this plus break neck pacing and a twist in the way the world works that is a total game changer to everything you thought you knew make this one another great read, and I can't wait to read how it's developed in The King of Thorns

  2. Currently picked up Game of Thrones and I am going to read the books then watch the series, should keep me busy for awhile to say the least xD
  3. Man, where to start...
    I just finished the last book in "The Wheel of Time". It was great, the replacement author working off of Jordan's notes did a great job.
    And if you've never read it, Stephan R. Donaldson's "Chronicals of Thomas Covenant the unbeliever" is just... awsome.  Fair warning through, there is a rape in the first book, which has backlash through the rest of the series.
    When I was a kid, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman's "Deathgate Cycle" was probably my favorit fantasy series.
    But when I was younger I also read a lot of what I now consider "light" or trashy fantasy... Peirs Anthony's "Xanth", Mercedes Lackey's "Heralds of Valdemar", David Eddings "Belgariad" and "Malorian"... list goes on.
  4. I absolutely love the Dresden Files, probably my favorite book series. The series kind of slows down a bit after 'Summer Knight' but it gets better from there on. Wonderful character development. This is a great thread, if I think of any other books I'll be back.
    Gotta love Fantasy Lit. :smoke:
  5. The Edge Chronicles
    His Dark Materials
    Mortal Engines

    All are series' of books set in intricate fantasy worlds. Highly recommend all of them

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  6. I spent an entire year of my life basically reading only Forgotten Realms books and anything written by R.A. Salvatore. Sounds bleak in comparison to some of the stuff posted here, I will have to take a look and get my read on.
  7. I'm not really one for the uber-serious fantasy. I like Discworld and that's pretty much it. Harry Potter, too, of course.
  8. My favorite fantasy book?

    The Bible.

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  9. I'm about to finish Lord Foul's Bane, the first book in ten-book long The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant series. Before that I read The Dragon Reborn, the third book in the fourteen-book long The Wheel of Time series. 
    I've read all 5 of the published A Song of Ice and Fire novels, eagerly awaiting the sixth. I read the first book in The Dark Tower series a while back, hoping to pick up on that series somewhere down the line. I read the first Harry Potter novel, but I've seen all the movies so I'm not sure if I feel like reading that whole series when I know all the major events that happen. I've also read the entire Chronicles of Narnia. 
    Fantasy is my favorite literary genre. Specifically dark epic fantasy. 

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