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The OFFICIAL "Documentation of the Highest You Have Ever Been" Thread

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BlackFlag, Jan 5, 2013.

  1. So right now, I am the highest that I have ever been. I am pretty fucked up. I can't see straight enough to type. It is taking me forever to type these two lines.

    I wanted to create a thread for you to document the absolute highest that you have ever been. I want to know how you smoked, where you smoked, when you smoked, and I want to know what the fuck is going through your head.

    Here is my story.

    We just spent about 5 hours hanging out by the lake. We built a fire, we drank cases of beer, and we just had a fucking awesome time. We all were hammered. Then I came home and went through my nightly ritual. I checked my grinder to see if I had enough. I pulled my homemade apple pipe out of its drawer, and I loaded it up. I cracked my bedroom window and I smoked some weed while watching "Weeds". (A show that I very highly recommend.)

    And this is the highest I have ever been.

    Now you tell me yours....
  2. drove my mums car out to a beach headland one afternoon,smoked 3.2 grams in a joint and bong,super high,got home and felt like there was a spider up my nose
  3. I took some milky bong rips, somehow fell on the floor, and tried to push myself up but physically couldn't because I had the worst couch lock and I was laughing too hard. So I crawled over to the couch and passed the fuck out
  4. Ate a bit of a brownie, didn't hit, ate the rest. Three periods later and i was :smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking: It was my first real edible high and I had no freaking idea it was going to be that intense.
  5. It was when I was first starting to smoke, so my tolerance was low as hell. So I bought some of the dankest shit that my connect had, and he used to pick up from the clinic. So anyway, I smoked that shit alone one night, a fat bowl to the dome out of my glass pipe at the time. When I got back inside, I felt like this:

    [ame=]Flat- anti pot ad - YouTube[/ame]

    And it was the best high I've ever had.
  6. Smoked 2 blunts with 3 friends. Hit a zob a couple times. then we all had personal joints and went to mcds. I got home around 3 p.m., lied down on my bed, and woke up the next day around 9:30 a.m., still feeling a bit high.
  7. 6 different types of hash in the bong with a friend at the local park, both passed out for 7 hours, woke up stoned to the maddest munchies ever... was a good time.
  8. When i was 17 just started driving me and my friend decided to a have a wake n bake spliff in my car no idea why it hit me so hard but fuck i was high and i mean realy high!
  9. First blunt i smoked shared it with two other friends and went back to my pals house to watch tv. When i led down i realised i was the highest ive ever been by far i couldnt stand up and i felt on a different planet, ahh the days before i built a tolerance
  10. went to a crack house, smoked bowl after bowl after bowl out of my bubbler with a couple friends, had some brownies, and smoked joints all in between.. all i remember is the earth shifting and having eyes as red as the devils dick
  11. lmmfao
  12. Did you pass out at the park?
  13. After taking a 6 month or so t break I had a really bad day and just wanted to smoke.this was back when I was a little less uneducated and didn't know the dangers associated with heat and plastic. I did a one gallon falls out of a milk jug and I'm pretty sure the piece got so hot it made the plastic smoke too. It took 6 hits to clear it and then I went to my bathroom, threw up, passed halfway in the hall and half in the bathroom and was able to wake up and crawl to my bed right as my parents pulled into the drive way
  14. alright me my now wife, cousin, and a friend chillin in the car outside friends house. Smoke 3 blunts of some "GDP", took some bong rips and past out. Woke up in the car realize that it was about 4am, looked around too see everyone in the car sleep with the car still on.
  15. 3 blunts and an extremely strong cookie later and I felt like my body was detached from my mind and was unable to move, pretty fuckin awesome.
  16. A night with lots of wax dabs. I lost the count that day. I could not talk or move. I would not be able to type on a computer for sure. That was my highest.
  17. I don't get retardedly high anymore (and I don't even smoke often), its sad so I'm spacing out my tokes even more to see what it does

    The first time I smoked was the highest I've ever been, I rapped to the refrigerator as I was pressing the button that turns the fridge light on and off haha, then I was on a rollercoaster... and then my friend was george bush.

    And we started watching a movie and we thought it was pretty good... and then my friend who had been smoking for longer than I says to me: "wait dude... this movie is in FRENCH!?"

    and i was like "wat"
  18. canna-peanut butter and fungus sandwich. Was interesting to say the least.
  19. So its my First post ever on this page so i wanted it to be good.

    Sooo.. Me and some friends bought 5.grams and made this mega spliff. Halfway through two of my friends tapped out because they had to sit down and. it did not end well for THEM, im not getting in to detail because.. yeah too stoned. me and another friend was so high and wanted to get higher so we took out the papers and found out that it was the last paper but is was yellow. Me as stoned as i was, took out the paper and examined it and i actually thought it was glue on the paper so i started rolling and when i was finished i put the MJ in my mouth and started lighting but the paper started to glide out of its place. we smoked half of it but then we had to give up because it was falling apart.

    So one this is one of my most awesome times i have ever had.
  20. Me and some friends made some brownies for the first time, and got the weed from someone we've never dealt with before. six grams for the six of us. The first hour was great, but the high just continued to get stronger. After that, me and another person had the same experience. We both started throwing up and it was like I was watching every one of the thoughts I've ever had go by on a train, i couldn't hold onto one for more then a second. I literally thought I might just die because my brain couldn't process all the info going through that.
    I have never been near that high on anything

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