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    defidently the best drug period. at least for the meaningful drug user. share your experiences here

    my trip report

    time of dosage:7:20
    dose:.1 grams of N,N-dimethyltryptamin

    Ever since I have been introduced to the visionary arts I have been curious of the spirit molecule. Never did I think that, not only would I smoke it, but that it would be thrown in my lap so easily. I mean I paid a full 25 for .1 grams but most people cant even find the stuff if they tried.

    Me and my friend were anticipating buying some from an older friend who bought over a gram. The next day we got 50 dollars together and made the deal. We met him and his other friend at this newly constructed cul-de-sac that was filled with beautiful open lots with full on Floridian nature. I knew the spot I wanted, it was at the end of a dried up creek in a field behind the cul-de-sac itself were I smoked bud all the time and coincidentally where my DMT dealer smoked DMT for the first time the other day.

    So lets get to the trip. My friend made a lightbulb vape because he cant inhale weed resin (dt) and I stuck with my “dealers” glass hammer. We put on some tool (wings for marie) and smoked a few bowls of dank while my friend started vaping. He was very silent and didn’t respond to words, little did I know the intensity of the trip until I tried it. He put cigarette ash in it to support the DMT and we packed in the yellow jagged looking powder in the bowl. My first hit used most of the DMT in the bowl, about ten seconds after the hit I was still holding it in and started tripping hard, my entire world defragmenting. I didn’t know who I was or what my life was about or anything, I just didn’t think anything that I normally would. I couldn’t fell my body, I was one with the universe, I knew nothing I did before, but I knew everything. The music distorted, my breath echoed and I felt on the verge of freaking out but I remained calm in a meditative position. I sensed the implosion of several universes and had pixilated visuals, everything followed a mosaic made up of horizontally long diamonds, like the outline of an eye. I exhaled the smoke that I completely forgot about and took another hit. The grass moved with this pattern and was very distorted and bright. When I closed my eyes to meditate I had intense closed eye visuals of polygons and entities. There where lines made of energy that gridded the ground to my north and south. They tended to rise in very sharp parabolas in a certain point making a rounded plateau. I felt completely aligned with every psycadelic energy that I visualized. I layed on my back to observe the sky. It was about 7:45 by now so the sun was setting and the moon was fully visible. I felt completely symmetrical with the universe. I began to speak about reality in general and what I was experiencing. As I looked at the atmosphere, I could see lines laterally outlining the globe, putting the earth in a vertical grid. The dog we had with us was running in a circle around us with a palm tree branch and was creating beautiful trails. The view looking across the narrow plane of the creek was beautiful.

    . I hit the bowl one last time cashing what was left and I began to stand up and walk to the woodsy edge of the field. As I glanced in to the shrubbery there was a combination of greenery that morphed into an entity. We spoke not with words but through a body language, he seemed to control my breathing, giving a sense of influence and ideology as a higher power, guiding me. He reached his left arm out as if he had a cape on and said with his body; “ now you see reality not through ego, but as one with all of creation” I was void of everything around me except for him. We connected through every chakra, as I was disconnected from what I thought reality was all my life before this trip.

    As I was coming down, the sky was becoming a dark orange and three birds flew in a triangle formation, it was such a perfect triangle that it seemed very much possible that it was a metaphoric hint to the ET and having to do with spacecrafts. It was a very meaningful ending to a trip from what I saw in the trip. Reality as I knew it came back completely after the birds flew away and it was so epic. Me and my friend will never forget that day. I witnessed several visions worthy of painting/sketching as well. We hope to take advantage of our amazing connect and take DMT again in a few weeks. It I s a dimension that I would more than gladly visit again.
  2. ill be the first to repply. heres my story and...

    Heres how it went.
    I went to Ace's place, and we walked to a location located near this big open field wich is usually filled with water, happens to be dry today. It's a big open grassy area, inclosed by forest. I recieved the DMT from our supplier, who was there with us. He was our "sitter", if you will. I'm on probation so i didnt wanna risk smokin it outa a pre used pot pipe, especially with my drugtest monday. so i made a lightbulb vape. In my opinion, it works much better if you do it right. I diddnt do it perfectly, but it worked. The only thing i wish, is that it all had vaped at once, but the cool thing is that I had many hits inside, seriously, we each had .1g's and my .1 got me at least 10 hits. Ace's had maybe 3, since he used direct flame in a bowl. Anyways, I went first, as Ace and our source were smokin some herb. Wow, what an experience. After the first hit i just stared out into the field. It extended Very far, the grass patterns were shifting and waving and had purple trails. thing is the wind diddnt blow the grass. After a minute of gathering my thoughts i tried to revape, man, that second hit was far more intense than the first one. I staired out into the field some more and it looked like some Alex Gray artwork, the patterns had all turned to diamond eye shapes. extending itto a pillar(the length of the field) with a concave bend on both sides, and the trees surrounding the field had a lushes purple flow, the sky arced into a swarm of colors. mainly purples, blues, reds, and some yellow. So many images rushed through my mind. I then took another hit, at this point i reallized, every hit adds to the one before it. after my third hit i layed back in what felt like a soft pillow comforting my whole body, but was actually hard dry grass, and closed my eyes and let the universe fall into place. I recall a red line all the way around me, completely seperated from reality at this point, the red line turned into like a visualizer effect on iTunes, stretching farther around and blowing up. the flashy blue patterns inturupted this and colided making an amazing new world where the colors clashed and overlaped. it spiraled around making no intensions to stop twisting . it seemed to swirl all around me. and by the way, while having my eyes closed, it was as if i was in a parallel universe. a universe all my own. this wore off after what seemed like an hour, but was really only 3 minutes as my sitter had told me. by this time Ace was taking his first hit, so i vaped again. this time, i looked up at the trees, seeing them sway leaving purple and red trails, like that in many visionary arts, which i will draw a picture of as soon as possible. then our sitters dog ran accross the field. this cought my attention. as when he ran he too left Great trails of blues and red fading into lines, and dispursing into the atmosphere as a fog. the dog also kicked up sand, this was just nuts. it looked like swarms of bees that had an aura of lightningish veiny lines jutting from it. then he got a palm fraun. it looked like an Aborigine's spear. the following hit included a combination of all of my vissions. then. i was conversing with Ace about the trip while we were both in sort of a mindless state. i remember walking over to him while he was peaking, he was at the edge of the woods, speaking with an ET. He'll tell you about that in his trip report, i dont wanna speak for him. So many things went on after that. after a few more vapes i passed the bulb to Ace, but he couldnt get the hang of it. we used a torch so you could see everything happening, as torch fluid does not leave that nast black ressidue like bics and such. Im gonna be doing some visionary art tomorrow after i sleep on it, Ace if your reading this, I cant wait to sleep tonight, i bet this shit totally amped up our naturall DMT. I hope to purchase another .1 in a few weeks. or make my own, im lucky enough to get .1 for 25 dollars, many people pat 40 for that. If you dont do this before you die i feel extremely sorry for you as it opens your mind to what the universe is.
  3. i told my high school psychology about dmt haha wrote an A+ final paper on it too.

    never tried it but find it pretty interesting. im hesitant to ever try it...i just fear too much that it will fuck me up forever.
  4. nothing bad will happen guy, do it man, its definatly a must

  5. are you lying about writing that paper? if you researched enough youd know that we are exposed to dmt when we sleep. therefore its harmless. you feel the same after an hour
  6. DMT showed me the universe that resides inside my own head, and for that you take my #1.
  7. Crazy drug. On LSD + DMT I saw other universes and multiple dimensions. Not simple hallucinations, actually transported out of where I was sitting.
  8. After hearing all of these comments Im definately getting some DMT now.

    Anyone know anything about the buydmt website? Google search buy DMT, some site is supposedly selling 5-Meo-DMT as "research specimins." Looks shady though.
  9. DMT is a research chemical. You will find people selling it along with other RCs like 2C-i etc. for "research" (aka getting high or tripping balls) purposes. So not really that shady as long as the site looks legit.

  10. i would rather do the smokable form of dmt. with 5meO you have to go on a diet and their arent visuals or some shit

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