The official diablo 3 doesn't work thread.

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  1. blizzard is more annoying than my pot is a sin preaching grandma but for reals every one is up their ass jus calm down smoke bud like i do and you'll get over it...

    but seriously i need to fuck some demons up NOW
  2. im too vaporbonged out to try the game in the first place
  3. it's really easy to play. you put in your password, and then wait for the message and click the ok button and then do it again and again. really easy ui, you could play it drunk and stoned easy. :D

    Diablo Forever is by far the best login screen ever released!
  4. You couldn't possibly expect a release this massive to go completely smoothly, right? It's impossible for a company to prepare for the kind of traffic they receive on a release day. In fact, if release day went really smoothly, I would take it as a bad sign because it means nobody is playing it.

    It's probably going to be pretty bad for the next few days until things calm down. I'm sure that it will be all good by the weekend.

  5. Yeah, you couldn't possibly expect the largest, wealthiest, best and most revered online computer gaming company in existence to be technologically ready for the release of a sequel to a game that is 11/12 years old (expansion/original d2) which people have been begging for for the past 12 years.

    Yeah man, who would think the largest and most successful MMO and RTS company on the planet would be ready and have the resources for this massive release.

    Man we are all stupid.

  6. From a PR perspective, it would have been better to have to sell back unneeded hardware than take a bad publicity bukakke upon repeatedly stumbling through a super-hyped and well-publicized failure.

    And seriously, I wish people would stop saying "well you should expect it!" No you shouldn't. Sometimes people spit in other peoples' food. You shouldn't fucking expect them to. If you did expect them to, you wouldn't buy food from other people. If this game were a meal, you wouldn't be happy expecting it to be all fucked.
  7. While I can appreciate, and somewhat agree with Postal's posts...

    I also understand that a company like Blizzard probably has a reasonable grasp on marketing by now.

    Yeah, the game, as well as most of Blizzard's online games is not reasonably playable for the first week it's released. That has very little effect on the overall effectiveness Blizzard has in the online gaming world.

    Still though, it is frustrating not being able to play right now.
  8. I'd not mind a rocky start.. but those having issues can't play offline, so they're stuck with a completely unplayable game.

    Blizzard knew what was coming and had resources to better prepare, but didn't. But I guess because other companies do it shitty then it's okay if everyone else does too.. right?

    Going online only means people rely on you more to play and if you're gonna force them to rely on you then have your shit together
  9. I think one good reason there's no "offline" option is because of ez pirating for single player.
    I got to play to level 7 when I got online so I at least had some fun. :D

  10. LMFAO!!!! Hahaha are the servers not working yet or somethin,,Damn that sucks,I'd get buzzed up and smoke a bowl and then play the game,to find out they're down ATM,Sucks Ballalllalllallzzzzzzz,Play zombies or call of duty.

  11. Are you well versed in the business of running game servers that have millions of people around the world attempting to log into them all at the same time? Do you have any idea what that might entail?

    Blizzard only has the resources that are made available to them by their parent company of Activision which in turn is owned by Vivendi. The guys in the boardroom don't know what's going on. They tell the people below what the budget is and they work with what they get. They had open betas and stress tested as much as they could. It's like trying to prepare for a tidal wave. You can build the walls and reinforce your buildings, but that massive force is still going to knock your shit over.

    It's not like it even costs you money to go online with the thing. There are no subscription fees like in WoW. You aren't wasting money each second you aren't in the game world.

    Oh, by the way, the wealthiest gaming company in the world is Nintendo followed by Sony and Microsoft. Activision/Blizzard comes in fourth behind Microsoft and pulls in about a third of it's revenue annually. What were you talking about again?
  12. Lack of offline will very likely cause more people to pirate it than they would have if there were online. Because now you need to pirate a cracked version to play offline, which is a feature some legitimate buyers wanted and then chose not to get the game because it wasn't included.
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    No, but Blizzard does/is/has, as they have been since November 30, 1996.

    Here let me help you

    Warcraft II: Battle.Net Edition
    Diablo 2
    Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction
    Warcraft III
    Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne
    World of Warcraft
    World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade
    StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty
    World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King
    World of Warcraft: Cataclysm
    World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

    There is no excuse for their shit servers. GW2 open beta weekend ran smoother. LOL


    Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are the best, largest, most successful, wealthiest etc. companies in the world, above Blizzard, in online RTS and MMORPG games?

    Where are those Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft games at again?

    What were you talking about again? :rolleyes:

    Next time, try comprehending what you read.
  14. Sarcasm is fun to detect. It makes you feel smart or something. So I heard anyway
  15. Obviously the GW2 bet ran smoothly cause it wasnt nearly as many people trying to log in.

    You do understand that servers ate hardware and not perfect.

    Blizzard had to prepare for MILLIONS of people across the globe to login at once.

    Not an easy task

  16. No, sorry, GW2 beta was open to ANYONE who pre-ordered the game... and many gamestops ran out of keys, their online store was sold out etc.

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