The Official daddy's ok with his lesbian daughter thread!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by sensimil, Jul 12, 2003.

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  1. Yup! :D
    Well it all came out last night. A few beers later with dad and he\'s ok with me being gay! The weight of the world has been lifted of my shoulders! I just want to run up and down the streets screaming just how gay I really am!!!
    It was weird, one minute we are talking politics, which he knows Im not into talking about (but will), and the next *he* brings up about the girl im seeing. *he* askes the question! If im into girls! :p haa! *whew!* I could just tell the way he was about it, he really didnt care! and he is just happy that I am happy! And then we actaully talked about it! We never really talk about anythng, but he really wanted to know and just understand, which he does now, and is ok with!:) what a night. never thought it would be like this. oh, how sweet it is.
    So now both mom and dad know about this happy and out of the closet 23 year old!:)

    so happy for you sensimil. :)
    so so happy. this is the best news i\'ve heard all month. :)

    no one should ever have to hide in closets. ;)
  3. Sensi, I\'m so happy for you! :D:D:D
  4. Good fr you, Sensimil!!!! Glad you are out and freeeeeee....... You go, girl!!!
  5. hehe
    its about time sensi!!! congrats, I know how great you must feel!! IM so happy for ya :DD
  6. Cool shit!!!!! thats awsome! congrats on being out of the closet fully!
  7. good news! i\'d smoke a bowl for ya but im dry :(
  8. Great news [​IMG]
  9. thats koo.... heh.. i\'ll smoke one of my jays for ya tonight.. happy being gay... later on
  10. woohoo im sooo happy for u!!
  11. Thats great news Sensi.. Your father sounds cool!
  12. score for you..... :).... im dure that realives alot of unwted tension.....

    edit.... i was in bad shape when i posted

    now for a sober retort..... coool... now ya have no worries.....
    now just to work la chica...
  13. glad he was so accepting, my parents were also supportive when my brother told them the news, congrats i bet thats a big burden off your shoulders.
  14. I\'m so happy for you, Sensi!!! When you run up and down the streets screaming just how gay you really are, make sure you\'re naked!!!!


  15. i second the motion. ;) :D
  16. Ill third that! :)

    thanks everyone! I was pretty happy about it, it does feel like a burden has been removed. Yeah my pop is a pretty cool guy, I just thought his old fashioned conservative narrow minded ways would superceed my true feelings. but they didnt! he definety surprised me, im a happy camper :) this is pretty cool, now I can bring home the chicas to meet my paretns and everything is all good with that! *whew* :D thanks for your happy thoughts!
  17. <---now I can hang up that hot poster Ive had in the tube since I bought it! LOL :p
  18. ya think ma dukes had anything to do with it.....?
  19. I dunno I kind of asked him if mom knew he was going to say anything and he said yes, but Im not sure if she encouraged him or not...either way, its all good. :)
  20. what the hell is going on around here?

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