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Discussion in 'General' started by d2000, May 5, 2004.

  1. Whats the name of that old movie about the 30's? "Mad..., something. It will come to me i cant think of the name, its a really old movie about all the myths of marijuana, supposedly a reason for its criminilization.
    If someone knows the movie im talkn about please post, or i'll come back when i remember.
    Jack Herer-

    "This rare original poster from the 1936 propagandistic movie Marihuana: The Weed With Roots In Hell was funded by the liquor industry and started the anti-marijuana hysteria eventually leading to its prohibition in 1937. The poster illustrates the central message of the film showing that the use of marijuana leads to a life of horror, shame, and despair, full of wild orgies and crime. It laughably shows that you take marijuana by injecting it with a hypodermic needle."

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  2. here's another

    BTW that is an awesome little movie up there!

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  3. I think you're talking about Reefer Madness.....
  4. yes sir, just remembered it too! Thanks
  5. and just to think.....those are the statements that made pot illegal......just to show the government DOES lie.......
  6. i know right?? its fucking bullshit. makes you mad to just think about it.
  7. haha ...dude damn i had the funniest qutoe from Harry Anslinger ....hold on

    damn, oh well it was something liek this .."marijuana is used by the negroes, and mexicans temps them to perform horrific acts of violence and causes white women to seek sexual relations with negroes"... hahhaa ...go here

    and read some of the bull he spread lol.
  8. lol!

    "...with a suspicious look about him."

    shit is hillarious.
  9. now thats ^^^ cool

    id paint it like the mystery machine, get some shag carpet and seat covers, a nice stereo be in heaven lol.
  10. That Mr. Potatohead auction reminds me of one of my old teachers. She had a Mr. and Mrs. Potatohead on one of her cabinets, so my friends and I would always arrange them in some odd sexual positions. She never actually took them down, she would just fix them every time we rearranged them.... good times.....

  11. lol, i got a nice stereo in mine, just fixed the two front speakers(as theyre not oringial some twerp fitted them and the wires cam off lol) but mine a single screen(bay) lol.

    i always lok at vw buses so it was the first thing to pop into my head :rolleyes:
  12. Hell yah man that coconut head is MINE biatches!!!!! lol i call it!! :p

    No j/p

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