the official cigarette appreciation thread

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by YouSuckDude, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. anyone here smoke grits after a nice smoke sesh? marlboro reds ftw!
  2. I did for years then I finally stopped being a dumbass.

    This should be in Pandora's Box.
  3. newports....but theyre too expensive for me right now, kools are only $40 a carton so i've been smokin those.

  4. man...seneca's are only 20 bucks a neighbor sells em to people for 3 bucks a pack and makes his money back

  5. everytime you post a pic of ur harvests it should be in pandora's box...that shits not even considered weed too incredibly dank.
  6. :laughing: Thanks.

    I do smoke the rare cigar once in awhile, good ones, but I don't inhale.
  7. Who inhales cigars anyway :confused: I do not appreciate cigarettes and I really want to quit them but I always end up having one or two a day.

    edit: I smoke only Malboro Lights unless someone bums me a different kind when I'm out.
  8. Yeah I smoke marlboro golds. Or L&M Red Label if I'm feeling cheap, wich I've been doing lately.
  9. Fuck cigs

    this is coming from a smoker.
  10. I probably smoke about 10 cigs a month at the max. Had 2 Turkish royals last night, newports are my favorite though.
  11. My next door neighbor inhales his cigars.

    Anyone who smokes blunts is inhaling cigar tobacco.
  12. I dont really APPRECIATE ciggarettes.. but I'm having trouble stopping.

    Marlboro Lights is what I usually smoke, people call em slutt butts around here
  13. I go to the tobacco shops and buy bags of tobacco and cigarette tubes and "assemble" them with a little cigarette machine. The tobacco pouches I buy last about two weeks and cost $38 or so, and I smoke probably 25 a day (far too much IMO, but it is what it is). Hmmm, let me do the math there... that's about $2.71 a day for the tobacco, so with tax and tubes added in I probably spend a little over three bucks a pack that way. Of course, though, it's a pain in the ass making a cig every time you want one, or sitting down and spending a half-hour making a pack's worth.
  14. I inhale cigars, whatever. I know you're not supposed to, but it's just out of habit.

    As for cigs, Kool hundos all day long. Best Menthol out there. I smoked Newports for like a week before I wanted something stronger.
  15. My step father gave me a CARTON of Marlboro ultralights menthol. He smokes non menthol and because he accidentally bought these, I got em since I normally smoke Newport 100's.

    I love smoking right after a sesh.
  16. kools stronger than newports?? idk about that

    Marlboro menthol lights or Kools true menthol, my choice
  17. if and when i do smoke a cig, i buy a pack of lucky strikes (if i can find them!)

    so good.

  18. Not too much, but I think they're stronger. If anything, they're the exact same. I barely tasted a difference at all. Maybe I'm just used to Kools since thats what I started on.
  19. Love my American Spirits :D
  20. Cancer sticks, no thank you.

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