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The official burnt-out guide

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SuburbanDankies, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. Hey guys.

    Nothing is better than a wake and bake. Or an early afternoon bake. Or any bake. But the feeling when you're coming down is almost unavoidable.
    There are tons of suggestions to just 'get better weed' but somehow, the better the week is, the harder I come down. Even when my high is peaking I start to get tired!
    Anyway, I decided to make a list of things that can help. Add any that you want and I'll edit this post so we can have a decent size list going, maybe even sticky this
    Here goes:

    1.) Energy Drinks/Coffee/Tea/Caffiene
    Yeah, these will cause you to crash, but I find that its a different, more natural sort of tiredness after it wears off. You don't get the cloudy grogginess from being burnt out, and although you may be more tired, you will be more willing to move and less likely to be inclined to not leave your bedroom.
    Pros: Quick energy fix, keeps you going for a little, taste if you like it, clears head to focus
    Cons: Crash, cost, taste if you don't like it, unhealthy etc.

    2.) Exercise
    Probably the best one. Towards the end of a high, even running a half mile is enough to get the blood flowing for me. Or if you are a regular exerciser, work out as you are coming down. I think this does something with endorphins and stuff. It just sucks getting up to do it, if you're like me. You will feel a lot better and more relaxed when you finally come down, and ready to take on the rest of the day.
    Pros: No crash, good for you, fun for some, free
    Cons: It's a pain in the ass when you're baked

    3.) What you do when you're stoned
    I am convinced 90% of my burnouts are caused by over-eating or staying on the couch all day. Who doesn't love downing 3 baconators at wendy's, but it just makes me feel like a lazy fuck. This is where the idea of being burnt as a state of mind out comes into play - if you eat like the stereotypical lazy stoner, and spend a day watching tv laughing at nothing, you will feel like a lazy stoner when you come down. Sort of a placebo type thing. Do something creative when you're high instead - write, draw, color, paint, play music, see friends, etc. When you come down you may notice a difference.
    *note* some people are able to take on the world when they're stoned. this is for you. others, like me, get couchlocked. try something else if this isn't working for you.
    Pros: Generally works, incentive to be productive
    Cons: I usually just want to sit on the couch and play video games.

    4.) Smoke more
    I don't know if this works. Sometimes it does, sometimes it gets to the point where I can't even tell if I'm getting high anymore. Sometimes it makes it better, sometimes it makes it worse. Experiment, see for yourself.
    Pros: You get to smoke more.
    Cons: Unpredictable

    Alright so thats it for now. Give your own ideas and I'll add them to the list.
    Please don't give me the "Get better weed" because I still get burnt out with great weed, and I know a lot of people that can't afford getting headies all the time.
  2. I find that eating isn't much of a burn-out thing if you plan it out, say, if you're going to have your lunch while your high. It gives the food a function, rather than it being due to the munchies. It's a lot easier to make your lunch, or buy it, then smoke and eat it. I feel like I'm less compelled to munch if I eat a major meal during a high.
  3. I have noticed that whenever I eat alot of junk or fast food, I burn out. But if I eat a good healthy meal, not so much.
  4. Get an adequite amount of rest. This will help with being tired.

    Eat healthy (and if you want, before you smoke) to fight fatigue.
  5. Smoke Sativas or Sativa dominant strains. That is mostly all that I've had over the past months and I hardly ever come down. Its really quite odd...
  6. Just live a healthy lifestyle and smoke weed at night. Then you won't become a burn-out
  7. I over eat sometimes while stoned alot. I also order TOO MUCH food and can't eat it all when I'm stoned because I'll think I'm hungrier than I am.

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  8. I switched to vaping a couple weeks ago and honestly my highs are so much better, I get all the high without all the tiredness. Now I vape before random things like the gym, at work, etc. I like to just take a couple hits so im still functional and can interact with anyone.. While secretly being high
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    Actually this has a name in my city. We call it "El Desengrase" (that means something like cleaning grease or oil in cars) which is basically smoking after munching a lot in order to no comedown in the street for example.
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    I have never experienced a come down/ burnout wtf
  11. I find that right after I get to the point where I just can't stand the grogginess, it starts to fade (5-10mins after). It's still a real pain though. I always wait until it goes away to smoke again or else I have to use way more to get to the point where I want to be, when I could just wait an hour or two and use twice as less.
    I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say if you've never been burned out, you've never smoked good weed. I'm also not sure why people say more potent weed lowers the grogginess after, it's the exact opposite for me.
  12. Dude I do this shit. Pull up to the drive through and start ordering, forget what food I've already ordered so
    I order more and everything sounds so damn good. And ofcourse you have to eat all of it so you don't waste your money
  13. i've been on a t-break since early September last year but i remember waking and baking would crash me heavy unless i would do something before or immediately after i smoked.
    i always eat before i smoke because i don't get the munchies and if i eat anything besides cereal while im high it blows it but that may be placebo.
    i can exercise while im high and i prefer doing it high especially anything outdoors like a hike or something because the world looks hella nice while stoned.
    i don't use any energy drinks but the walk to the store gets me right and smoking more after that walk i just come down normally.
    only other time i crash besides waking and baking is when i smoke hella mids it takes more dank to get me to crash but i read mids are mostly indica most of the time and danks have a better chance of being sativa dominant.
    i don't buy by name in houston or at least around my way its loud or dro meaning dank and reggie meaning mids-shwag depending on who you go to. 
  14. You missed sex. My gf hates when I lay there like a stoned stone but I pass out hard no matter what. I smoke a bowl or joint after the nut and pass out unless its the morning time than I take a shower and im pooped and work sucks. Sometimes I go like mandingo when stoned and pass out from the exercise and the bowl/joint after. If im forced to stay up and dont have to go to work than food will end the day.
    My ex and I used to get really, really high before having sex and it was fantastic. 

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