The OFFICIAL "Boycott Kellogs" Thread

Discussion in 'General' started by NFloyd2357, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. In regards to Kellog's recent firing of the great American athlete Michael Phelps, I am boycotting all their products. I also sent them an email explaining my stance and decision. Thousands of people are already doing this, and sending them e-mails. Yes, its idealistic, but it can't hurt to at least send an e-mail. Come in this thread, and talk about what you e-mailed kellogs, what you told them, and how you expressed it (i reccommend being polite, and using facts). I sent them an e-mail after seeing the hilarious, but stupid, e-mail that joe rogan sent kellogs... so i decided to send them a similar, but more polite and intelligent sounding email. I ask everyone at least send them an e-mail, and tell them you are boycotting their goods, and telling everyone else you know to boycott as well.

    If you think this is a stupid idea, i understand, and respect your opinion - but keep those opinions out of this thread.

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    I HATE people who can't follow directions... if you don't have anything positive or worthwhile to say, gtfo of this thread, your input is not wanted, i made that quite clear. Did you read my post? my intentions are good, i wasn't trying to start anything - GC has been falling to shit lately, i think there must be a drought going around the city, you all need to face a blunt

    150,000 members on a stoner forum - i figured there'd only be one thread about the most popular athlete and his recent issues dealing with marijuana [sarcasm]

    and this isn't a story rehash, its a call to action. if activism aint your thing, then neither is commenting in this thread

    [edit again] Thank you so much RMJL for cleaning all the trash out!! much appreciated
  3. All of the crap needs to end as far as going into another member's thread to start shit. Everyone who had a post deleted, minus NFloyd, can consider the deletion their warning.

    It's not going to be tolerated. If the thread needs to be reported, report it and move on. Don't start shit.
  4. damn, i have never seen so many deleted posts in a row before!

    anyways. yeahh, im boycotting kellogs too.

    i like honey nut cheerios anyways.
  5. yea fuck that shit plus Frosted Flakes taste completely different now! :(

  6. frosted flakes are total garbage now. their dumb low sugar shit. the only good thing about frosted flakes is the sugar...theyre frosted flakes for christ sake. with a shitton of sugar theyre just corn flakes.


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