the OFFICIAL bluntmaster's thread

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  1. Alright, guys. This is for those of us who can roll blunts blindfolded. Even on a bad day my blunts turn out better than most. The fatter they are, the better they be.

    This is Seasoned Tokers, so I know y'all are in here. Let's see some pictures of your best work. :smoke:


    There ain't a better way to wind down at the end of a long night than to sit back, roll up a blunt and relax. :D
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    I'll keep this updated from now on. :smoke:
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    Shit, man, I'd match with you any day of the week. I'm 'bout to roll one up here in a minute, though. I'll throw a picture up, too.

    EDIT: My friend was talkin 'bout how I should roll up a cross blunt sometime next week.. Rolled a cross joint before.. but never a cross blunt :laughing: Keep an eye out for that, too, I guess.
  4. I just finished with the vape, time for bed for me. Picking up some Green Crack tomorrow, I'll post a picture of one of the many blunts. Enjoy, :smoke:.
  5. Damn.. This is gonna be a good one. :smoke:

  6. I'm going to roll a Diesel-Dutch just for this tommorow :) I'm psychedddd
  7. ill be sure to post a pic of a blunt when i get home.
    i always role fattt cones and so does everyone else where i live, we never role straight blunts.
    although straight blunts are more similar to cigars.
  8. Yes, I use wraps. Zig Zags, in both cases here, though I much prefer Royal Blunts or True Blunts.


    Uploaded with

    Cross Blunt

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    Click thumbnail for a bigger image.
  9. Maui Wowie + Vanilla Dutch = [​IMG]
  10. 3.5gs between my buddy and I of some Sugar Shack. Pocketed this Toro cigar, leatherman is about 4.5 inches (1.5 inches more than a game cigar give or take).

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  11. Damn might I add that shit was good and slow :p

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