The OFFICIAL Black Friday Discussion THREAD

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    Let's discuss some of the Black Friday deals and what you think of them. I know it's early, but hey a lot of the ads are out so why not discuss them.

    I have made videos for sales that I found were very good or did not meet up to expectations.

    I did not make videos for places that sucked and knew they were going to suck.

    Wal Mart
    [ame=]WAL MART BLACK FRIDAY 2011 AD LEAKED - YouTube[/ame]

    Old Navy

    Best Buy

    [ame=]GAMESTOP 2011 BLACK FRIDAY AD RELEASED! - YouTube[/ame]

    Burlington Coat Factory
    [ame][/ame] Buy 1 Get 1 Half Off Games

    I will continue to update and post more videos as the ads become available.
  2. gimme dat fuckin info on the newegg or tigerdirect ones haha
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    Newegg has released some deals but from what I understand their Cyber Monday deals are still under wraps. As soon as I can get the info I'll make a video all about it.

    Also, here's the ad for Burlington Coat Factory:

  4. Black Friday is great for staying home
  5. Damn OP, you really like Black Friday, don't you? :laughing:
  6. Maybe another Wal-Mart employee will get trampled to death over product sales!
  7. What the hell is Black Friday?
  8. I Have to work at 330 am FUCK Fuck fuck black friday

  9. Well a mod told me if I was going to be doing this I should just consolidate it to one thread.

    So now there's a super thread where I'll keep updating you guys on the latest deals.

    Wherever I'm going for Black Friday, I'm going to be there Thursday morning.

  10. A term coined by the Philadelphia P.D. in the 60s due to the madness of holiday shoppers starting the day after Thanksgiving.

    Now is the title of the sales that go on the day after Thanksgiving.
  11. Nice gamestops buying iphones and ipods!
    I've had these 2 itouch's and my old iphone sitting here for ages..
  12. They better be in perfect condition! Gamestop by my house wouldn't accept my iPod touch because of a tiny scratch on the screen. I couldn't even see it to be honest.

  13. Fuck, this is why I don't like to get my hopes up. :cry:
  14. I don't think Newegg will be as good as years past - Just a huntch..

    Also I'm going to shoot for the WalMart XBox 360 Package.
  15. Why is your avatar a pic of a penis between some dudes legs...:confused:

  16. I can't tell if your serious or not... lol
  17. Man I've only been Black Friday shopping once
    I wanna get stoned and do it sooo bad
    but I have no one to go with

    it's not even that I wanna shop
    I just wanna observe the madness
  18. alrite thanks dickman!

    lol playin, playin
  19. my buddies birthday is on friday.. Him and the rest of my friends are waking up early as fuck to go shopping. Screw that lol, the only thing im buying on black friday is weed, hamburger meat , hamburger buns , cheese and mustard.
  20. if only dealers had black friday deals. ounce of dank for 10$! :hello:

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