The Official Berfday Thread..

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    Hey, list your birthday, you don't have to give the year if you don't want, but the month and day.

    ALSO, list 1 other person who is well known / celebrity / semi famous who has your same birthday!

    I will start..

    January 12th

    Rob Zombie

    Or if your so paranoid about the internet that you couldn't imagine listing the month and day you were born, then go enjoy another thread hah.
  2. wait what

  3. no speaka english?
  4. idk i think personal birthdays deserve their own thread

    imo, though
  5. December 21st

    Andy Dick

    Samuel L. Jackson
  6. if your going to make the "official berfday thread" at least spell birthday right

    i dont have a birthday, i am a robot
  7. October 14th... comin up quick.

    Usher and I have the same birthday :cool:
  8. may 18, 1988. :smoking::hello::smoking::(;):D:wave::eek::eek::cool::rolleyes::confused::):mad:
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    Today's Birthdays
    cheebaa, staygold, Majesty, nova_stoner, Scrumpy (23), Captain Amazing (22), mawktherussian, lpundrgrnd1 (19)

    Mines July 17th

    David Hasselhoff
  10. January 20

    Buzz Aldrin.
  11. December 1st

    Woody Allen
    Richard Pryer

    Dead comedians and I share this.
  12. June 12th

    Kendra Wilkinson
    Adriana Lima
    DJ Qualls

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